The life of a typical entrepreneur is filled with meetings and managing employees. The daily grind can feel dull at times and stretch on and on, making it difficult to find inspiration.

Here, Elizabeth McCormick, an inspirational speaker regularly featured on CBS News and 20/20, offers a few ways that business owners can find inspiration every day.

Stop comparing your business to others

“You don’t know what is going on in another business behind closed doors,” she says. “Compare your business to your own business instead. It’s too easy and self destructive to go negative.”

If you find yourself thinking along negative lines, McCormick says you should consider what is working and what can you to do make your company better or more unique.

Take a risk

Sit down and think about your top goals for your business. Are you working to achieve those goals right now? If not, take a risk. Have faith that things will work out for the best.

“Create a new tradition and break the mold,” McCormick recommends. “If not you, then who?”

Care for yourself

It can be so easy for entrepreneurs to focus on everyone around them—employees, management, investors, and family members—and completely forget to tend to themselves. McCormick recommends taking some “me” time because a break can help you best your best.

“You are the face of your business. How you are reflects on your business,” she says. “Are you physically prepared to meet the challenges in your day? Are you well rested? If we don’t care of ourselves we will not able to be there for anyone else.”

Visualize the positive

Business owners are quick to plan for the worst, says McCormick.

“But what if everything goes great? What if your business explodes and grows exponentially?” she asks. “Be positive in your thinking and you will stay inspired.”