The wide spanned availability of voice over IP has brought many communications advancements to the small business proprietor.

In addition to the ability to make or receive unlimited low cost calls, many small businesses are considering the flexibility provided by IP telephony, along with the complete freedom to utilize VoIP technology from any active Internet connection to make or receive low cost communications regardless of geographical location, to be the main benefit of a voice over IP telephony structure.

Incoming calls made to the companies main business line can be automatically routed or transferred to the correct person or sub listing – even if the intended recipient is telecommuting. This unique voice over IP feature ensures that no call is left unanswered and no business opportunity is ever missed.

In addition to voice communications, voice over IP allows for cost effective data and video transfer. Employees in or out of the physical business structure have the freedom of checking their faxes or email from any location hosting an active Internet connection. Mobile users even possess the functionality and convenience of receiving voicemail or fax notification sent directly to their email inboxes or mobile phones.

Advancements in IP telephony allow businesses to always remain connected and provide several mediums of communication, regardless of the users physical location. This helps to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. If the business location is rendered inaccessible, any area with Internet access can essentially be converted into a virtual office – a business essential benefit that only a voice over IP solution can offer.

Deploying a hosted voice over IP solution gives small businesses features and functions that were once only available to larger enterprises, or businesses with a high capital. Voice over IP allows smaller companies to appear larger and more professional, giving them a competitive advantage in the corporate world.