Operating a business is not easy. Providing customer service is not easy.
Nearly all business owners can agree that a positive customer experience is valuable. A good experience leads to better retention, new customer referrals, an awesome reputation, and ultimately – a business to be proud of.
Nextiva delivers business phone and fax service to companies throughout the United States. While phone and fax services are critical and necessary utilities for businesses, there are plenty of companies that offer these services.
How often do you read or hear… “Save money on your phone bill. Crystal clear calls. Switch now.”
The reality is, Nextiva is in an industry (telecommunications) with some big players…. really big players. Competing on price and technology won’t get us very far (even though we do offer great features at an affordable price). We know we need “something” that makes us special. That “something” is our customer service. For us, it’s not just about customer service. It’s about delivering Amazing Service. Doing our best to exceed customer expectations every day. We will be the first to say we aren’t perfect at it, but we do our best at all times. Delivering Amazing Service is our mission and has been since day 1.
Since we are all about Amazing Service, we decided to spray paint it on one of the walls in our office.

Nextiva Office