The Cisco SPA 525G is more than just your typical business VoIP desk phone, it’s a powerful multimedia communications device. With bluetooth, a LCD display and a USB 2.0 port – the Cisco SPA 525G is one of the most desirable VoIP phones on the market. While many VoIP phone support basic ring tone support, the Cisco SPA 525G allows its users to upload their own custom ring tones. Here are some tips on how to conveniently upload your own ring tone:

Download a desired MP3 music file and load it onto a USB 2.0 memory drive
Insert the USB 2.0 memory stick into your Cisco SPAP 525G phone
Select the “FromUSB” softkey on the phone
Press “Play” in order to play the music file
Select “Save”
Load and save the ring tone in an empty field, press “Save”
Press “Select” to select the ringtone for that extension

Enjoy your new ring tone.