Business VoIP is the future of business communications. Before discussing the benefits of Business VoIP, it is important to know what Business VoIP actually is. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which indicates that phone calls and other media sessions are conducted over the internet rather than a traditional land line. One is probably familiar with the infinite benefits of the internet, but how does Business VoIP and the internet interact to strengthen communication? It allows for the transmission of voice calls, faxes, texts and other multimedia communications to be transferred over the internet rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN.)

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It was only a matter of time before business communication utilized the internet for communication. We have already seen it with company specific email domains, video conferencing, websites, instant messaging – the list goes on… and on… and on. And recently, the integration of voice calls has only further maximized the functionality of the internet. The major benefit of the Business VoIP is the mobility of communication. As long as a user has internet access, which is incredibly widespread across America at home, in the office, and at the local cafe, then the individual can initiate communication sessions ranging from emailing to voice calls to video conferences. These sessions can be initiated because despite the different locations, the contact address or number stays the same for each user. There isn’t another area code to dial, long-distance charges or connection issues as long the internet signal is solid. Unlike cell phone providers who have spotty coverage, the internet proves more accessible across the nation and world. Not to mention that is is much easier for users to contact each other using one contact address rather than sifting through address books for the best contact method.

Business VoIP also offers a range of features that the traditional land line may not, especially in the standard land line packages. A standard Business VoIP package will include features such as three way calling, automatic call forwarding, auto-redial, caller ID and voicemail options among others. With a traditional land line, there would be additional monthly charges for these options. Once the phone number has been established, there are a range of voicemail features, including an automatic mailing of voicemails to an email account so they can be easily sorted for deletion, responses, or records. There is also the option of an automatic attendant, which can give the appearance of more corporate company – it is used to greet callers and route them to the appropriate person. A business can also create unique greetings for holidays or after hours. There is also the option of online faxing and the ability to route calls to a range of business lines, mobile numbers or home phones. This is just one area where Business VoIP can save users money. In addition, many packages include unlimited calling which allows users to save money when it comes to calling internationally. Both for personal and business calls, the lowered cost of international calls can save a significant amount of money.

Another benefit of Business VoIP is the option of locality. What is locality? It refers to the fact that if you utilize Business VoIP, you will be assigned a phone number that remains local despite your physical locations. For instance, if you have a phone number from a Los Angeles area code, but are located in London, the call to Los Angeles is still considered a local call. This saves a considerable amount if one travels a lot, again for personal or business reasons.

However, the best part of Business VoIP remains the inter- and multi-functionality of the system when integrated with other internet-based communications such as instant messaging through MSN, Google Talk, and Skype. In addition, Business VoIP can also be integrated with file sharing software, video conferencing, audio conferencing, and almost any other internet-initiated sessions. The range of media and layering of applications is infinite with Business VoIP. Business VoIP allows businesses and individuals to streamline communication by integrating multiple applications and even devices. For instance, party can use their laptop while another uses a smartphone. In addition, Business VoIP tends to be more eco-friendly. Less gadgets, electricity, paper and ink are used when Business VoIP is fully maximized.

As far as cons are concerned, there aren’t as marked as the benefits. You will need electricity and internet for Business VoIP to function, but these two requirements are usually already met. In addition, it may take some time for an individual to really understand and maximize the functionality of their Business VoIP system. However, the cost savings and increased efficiency are more than enough to make up this learning curve. Business VoIP can be used for a self-employed individual or by corporations. Its functionality knows no bounds.

Instead of dealing with multiple devices, multiple numbers and non-integration, streamline your communication with a Business VoIP system such as the packages offered by Nextiva. In addition, Business VoIP can grow with your business so the business isn’t limited by the technology employed by the office. It is adaptable and flexible. Help you business grow with Business VoIP!