The impact a communications system has on corporate image is often overlooked. With the right VoIP solution smaller businesses are able to effortlessly manage their telecommunications processes in an efficient and organized fashion.

1. A wide variety of easy to use call handling features.
A VoIP solution designed for smaller enterprises will provide the most advanced call handling features, similar to those found in the complex systems utilized by major Fortune 500 enterprises. Some of these features include automated attendant, enhanced voicemail, IP fax, voicemail to email notification, Find Me – Follow Me, and many business enhancing menu options.

An automated attendant exists to professional greet incoming callers. These callers will most often be given a menu to choose their most appropriate party. Multiple callers can easily be greeted and routed, ensuring that no caller to the business ever hears a busy signal.

2. No call is ever missed.
Find Me – Follow Me is quickly becoming one of the most sought after business communications features. It ensures that calls to a designated number are redirected to a list of available numbers, allowing for seamless communications between employees and clients even when the employee is miles away from the office location.

3. Budget friendly communications.
Taking advantage of the business enhancing properties of VoIP, through a hosted option, does not require the purchase of costly onsite equipment and in most cases is available for a low monthly flat rate. The hosted solutions provider will not only house their infrastructure offsite, they will also assume responsibility for ongoing maintenance and support.