Nearly ½ of the worlds IT departments have made the decision to implement a voice over IP communications system. A major player in that decision is the ability to cut costs and achieve greater efficiencies in both time and budget, through the use of VoIP web conferencing.

Much like every voice over IP application, the main benefit of a VoIP based web conference is cost savings. However, there are several other distinguishing qualities that a VoIP web conference has to offer. Using web conferencing to host business meetings and conferences have several advantages over the traditional face-to-face meeting.

The modern and discerning enterprise understands the importance of being eco-friendly and seeks out methods to lessen or eliminate carbon footprints. Web conferencing provides a solution not only that, but also reduces paper waste and gas emissions, since there is no need to travel between geographical locations. As web conferencing operates on a unified voice over IP front faxes, emails and other important documents can be virtually shared on users desktops – eliminating unnecessary and over use of printers, copiers and stand alone fax machines.

Another significant benefit of using a web conferencing platform is it’s distinctive ability to increase productivity and enhance efficiency. When hosting a web conference there is no need to worry about being late due to travel, or missing out on important information. All participants can be virtually updated, in real-time, and have access to all required documentation with the simple push of a button. Keeping participants connected and informed by giving them the ability to follow along with the presenter, in a real-time format, has been statistically proven to greatly improve comprehension of the message being conveyed.

Unique web conferencing tools and capabilities are just some of the many valuable solutions made readily available to those business utilizing an IP telephony platform.
Voice over IP from Nextiva give businesses the ability to restructure the way they think, work, communicate and come together.