Traditional fax machines can be bulky and expensive, but are helpful for many individuals who consistently receive and send print documents. In this age of modern technology, however, there is a new way to send and receive faxes almost instantaneously: online faxing. The benefits are applicable to many, but there are especially benefits of online faxing for people looking to apply for jobs. With online faxing, an individual can send copies of their resumes from their computer documents directly from their computer to an office, rather than having to print and fax the same print document. It saves paper and the headache of transmissions. With traditional faxing, there was always the worry for whether the document was received, the number dialed correctly. With online faxing, it is as easy as shooting off an email. In addition, documents received can go on a trusty hard drive. Instead of buying an expensive fax machine and then dealing with loose papers, the faxed documents can be saved in the user’s email or on their hard drive. Thus, it is easier to stay organized and reduces the risk of losing important documents.

The benefits of online fax service for people looking to apply for jobs also extends to personnel issues. For instance, many jobs require proof of identity when doing paper work, such as social security cards, birth certificates, copies of a driver’s license, and passports. An individual can scan these documents once and save them as a PDF. Whenever a potential boss requests these documents, they can easily be faxed online. This proves much easier than copying, printing and faxing these documents the “old-fashioned way,” and an individual only has to do it once. Check out online faxing today!