Small enterprise owners often anticipate business growth and expansion, in order to keep pace with such expectations it is essential to secure a flexible and scalable telecommunications system. Electing to deploy a hosted VoIP solution not only provides a wide variety of tools and features uniquely designed to bolster productivity and efficiency while working to greatly enhance corporate imagery.

A hosted VoIP solution enables smaller organizations to leverage the same great feature sets as enterprise sized organizations for a fraction of the price of conventional phone service. The ease of use and enhanced manageability of a VoIP system enables employees and clients to remain connected regardless of geographical location. Hosted VoIP PBXs come equipped with intelligent call properties effortlessly allowing multiple callers to be routed between departments or sub listings at any office on the company VoIP network. The popular automated attendant feature available on most VoIP systems provides many great attributes such as dial-by-name and call hold music.

Business professionals on the go will appreciate the extreme freedom and flexibility offered on a VoIP platform as it allows them access to the entire corporate telecommunications system from any geographic location that maintains Internet connectivity. The Find Me – Follow Me feature of a VoIP PBX has rapidly becoming one of it’s most praised features as it allows unanswered calls to be effortlessly redirected to each of the intended recipients available numbers until the call is answered or the voicemail option is executed.

Much like every great business-driven communications system, VoIP offers features such as call waiting, hold music, enhanced voicemail, fax to email notification, call conferencing and hunt groups.

While it is true that most PBX systems are expandable, a VoIP PBX is fully scalable at little to no cost. Any number of extensions can be added or deleted virtually with ease.