Faxing always conjures up ideas of the dialing tone and the big grey box that most people don’t know how to operate. One is uncertain whether the document actually sent and it just seems for the recipient that hundreds of pages of useless papers may be printing off and piling up. The confirmation pages, the documents, the fail messages, the cover sheets, and just blank pages can be frustrating. Traditional fax machines also can’t receive messages simultaneously, but rather cue them, which can lead to lost documents. Overall, faxing seems to be more trouble that it is worth.
However, online faxing provides a greener as well as a more efficient way to run one’s office. Online faxes require no paper, and can be done all online. Or they can be partially online and printed out on the other end. This saves all the paper that was wasted before and requires less energy because documents do not need to be resent or printed out unless it is necessary.
Technology is a gift that can alleviate much of the waste in the office place, but only if it is properly employed and consistently used. With online faxing, the trouble with traditional faxing and its waste can be completely eradicated. Online faxing is more efficient and environmentally friendly than other alternatives.