Are you getting your small business off the ground but need help with the HR aspect of things? Find dedicated, quality employees to help run your business with these four tips:

Attract the right employee.         

Know what kind of person you want to hire before beginning the hiring process – you need to be able to fit the right piece into the puzzle. Decide what level of education and experience you will require for the position, and any special skills or personality traits that you would like them to have. Then, advertise the position in places your ideal demographic looks. Think outside the box by utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook, or a local networking website for your industry.

Make your position desirable.

Hiring a new employee is a two way street. Once they have shown interest in the position by submitting an application, it is the company’s turn to show interest in appropriate candidates by convincing them that the job is right for them. Tell your candidates what makes you stand out from other companies – growth opportunities, employee perks, a casual work environment. Differentiate yourself.

Keep your employees happy

It starts with the employees you already have. When an employee is fanatical about the company they work for, they tell their friends and acquaintances. Companies that are respected as a great work environment have the pleasure of larger pools of applicants to select future employees. On the other hand, if you have a team of unhappy workers, they may express their opinions to future hires, turning the qualified ones away.

Have a respected manager conduct the interview

Choose an interviewer that will show the company in a positive light. Do not send in a disliked manager, as they may give your company a poor image and potential hires could look elsewhere. Don’t scare away a good match! Select someone who is personable, knowledgeable, and knows what to look for in a candidate.