The Apple iPad is sure to become the holy grail of handheld PDA devices. It allows for Internet surfing, emailing, slide shows and picture viewing. Owners can even choose to watch movies, and in April will even be able to make voice over IP calls.

In January Apple announce a key alteration to it’s existing policies. They have now decided to permit developers to enable a 3G connection to make voice over IP phone calls. Until this point, Apple strictly forebode the development of voice over IP enable applications that we used over the 3G network. VoIP calling was instead restricted to the use of WiFi connections, which often had mediocre signal capability depending on location.

Currently one of the only applications available to make VoIP of 3G calls is iCall, but many voice over IP providers are working on updated VoIP 3G applications – though many may not be completed in time for the April launch of iPad with VoIP 3G. It is still, however, a positive step in the right direction.

Users are urged to air on the side of caution as VoIP 3G and applications like iCall are still new and therefore not all of the kinks have been worked out. It is likely that some lag or poor quality may be experienced while the technology is still in the developmental stages. But who is to complain about the possibilities of low cost unlimited voice calling? Especially when most of the pay-as-you-go minute plans for traditional cell phone usage starts at $30.00 a month!

The iPad itself will not be released with built-in VoIP 3G telephony applications, but soon enough several VoIP 3G applications will be readily available for download. The iPad comes with a built-in microphone and detachable earphones. Kudos to Apple for bringing voice over IP to the 3G network!