The holiday season is swinging into high gear with Halloween, Thanksgiving and December celebrations right around the corner. This can be an excellent time to empty out aging inventory, introduce new customers to your brand and pad your bottom line as you move into 2014.

Here, Evan Lamont, owner of TLG Marketing, an Internet marketing agency based in Long Beach, Calif., offers a few business promotion tips for this time of year.

Mobilize a mascot

Get creative with your online messaging by creating a mascot for your business, suggests Lamont. Establish Twitter and Facebook accounts for your mascot and send out promotions under those accounts. Your customers will love it.

“We worked with a local chiropractic firm and created a new personality for them, a skeleton,” says Lamont. “Many owners don’t want to be the direct face of their business. The skeleton is an example of how a business can answer client questions and promote the business in a fun way.”

Own a bakery? Establish a cupcake with a personal name as your mascot and Tweet as that persona. Own a pet shop? Establish a dog bone with a personal name and send out Facebook posts as that mascot.

“You want to keep two different social media presences,” says Lamont. “One that is generic for your business where you offer pertinent advice and industry news and one that is your mascot’s account where you offer creative deals, special offers and communicate with your community in a less threatening way. Mascots can be great for beefing up a brand.”

Connect with the local media

Regional newspapers and television stations are always looking for feel-good stories around the holidays. Tap into that need by creating an event that will help the public and then distributing a press release about it, Lamont recommends. Just make sure to notify the press well in advance of the event date (at least 2 weeks prior). 

If you own a CPA firm, schedule a seminar on how to save money over the holidays. If you own a bike shop, schedule an event where you teach parents and children about bike safety. Then reach out to media outlets. Chances are good that they will show an interest as long as your event serves the community.

Schedule a ‘give back’ sale

The holiday season is a great time to give back to those less fortunate. Tap into this opportunity by donating a percentage of your sales to a local charity on a specific day and ask everyone (including television cameras) to stop by, offers Lamont. Giving back will only increase public feelings of goodwill toward your business and customers will remember your philanthropic efforts long after the holidays have come and gone.