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December 2012

HD Voice Makes Everything (Sound) Better

By December 26, 2012 No Comments

Annoyed and exhausted by long conference calls that drain your brain? A solution to making them more tolerable could be as simple as transitioning your calls to be in HD voice quality.

We’ve become so accustomed to the limitations of traditional phone connections that we hardly notice that it is sometimes difficult to pick up certain voice pitches or distinguish between similar sounding letters or words. During a narrowband call, information is transmitted between 300Hz to 3400Hz, requiring your brain to “fill in the blanks” through context clues for sounds below and above that range of sound. The longer the call, the more subconscious work your brain ends up doing without you even realizing it.

Calls that are made through a high-definition (HD) connection transmit more than double the range of audio frequencies than traditional phone calls, resulting in better comprehension for listeners and better accuracy for voice recognition tools. HD voice calls produce more sound at a crisper tone, carrying sounds a full two octaves lower, as well as significantly higher, than conventional calls. That means no more “Can you please repeat that?” or “Did you say FTC or FCC?” or simply guessing at what was said.

HD voice quality is a must-have for office conference calls, especially for global operations that may be incorporating employees with different speech patterns and accents. Employees will appreciate the clarity and fully grasp the content of discussions, rather than straining to hear every word that is being said. Conference calls can suddenly become less tiring and more productive, with fewer time spent clarifying what various speakers have said.

Although HD technology requires both parties to be using it for it to be effective on a phone call, it is on its way to becoming a vital component of unified communications and is likely to be extremely useful in the years to come.

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