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June 2012

Nextiva’s Amazing Service™

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One of our greatest goals at Nextiva is to raise customers’ expectations – and meet them – by delivering our signature Amazing Service™.  We like to look at service as the foundation of everything we do, as a component of our product line.  Just as we strive to provide our customers with the strongest, most reliable VoIP telephone service, we want our customers to experience the highest levels of service.

We’ve identified five key factors to running a successful support center with optimal customer service, and would love to share with you how Nextiva abides by them:

  • Be a good listener.  Each of our customers have different system setups, so we make sure to take the time to listen to the needs of each caller so that we can set up new accounts and resolve any issues as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Make customers feel important and appreciated.  We understand that your time is valuable, so we guarantee little or no hold time when you call Nextiva.  In fact, 95% of our calls are answered by the second ring!
  • Help customers understand your systems.  Our trained support team can give you a simple and logical explanation of any network set-up so you understand your system in business terms.
  • Treat employees well.  Nextiva’s office is filled with happy, healthy employees thanks to our activity lounge, generous vacation time, free meals and casual environment.
  • Know how to apologize. We admit: things aren’t perfect 100% of the time.  In the unusual instance of an outage, our engineers are able to quickly restore the network and relay any critical messages to our support team regarding downtime.

We recognize that excellent service depends on excellent systems and people. That’s why we build and maintain our powerful unified communication platform with a dedicated team of more than 200 expert engineers. The technology platform supports all of our business VoIP phone systems and services. And our customer advocates and support team are ready to provide you with Amazing Service™. Learn the top ten reasons small businesses choose Nextiva and see for yourself. Or simply call 866-435-3843!


Nextiva is #1 on!

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At Nextiva, we have rebuilt our powerful business VoIP network. And just as important as the platform that supports it, is our customer service team’s commitment to Amazing Service™. While we’re working hard to serve our customers, the feedback, company rankings and industry awards we receive are proof of our dedication to meeting customer and market demands.  The independent and experienced team at WhichVoIP has consistently ranked Nextiva as #1 in the business VoIP field, which is a standing that we don’t take lightly and strive to maintain.

WhichVoIP is an online business that provides consumers with all of the information they need to select the residential or business VoIP service that is appropriate for their needs.  WhichVoIP recognizes that switching to a broadband phone service from a regular phone system can save consumers up to 80% on their telephone bills, so they take the time to do the research on the best VoIP service providers.

Among WhichVoIP’s 943 business VoIP reviews, Nextiva snags the highest ranking with 4.6 out of 5 stars.  Rating categories include Sound Quality, Reliability, Customer Service, Features and Value for Money.  What are our customers saying about us?  Check out these recent reviews:

  • “Nextiva had the most knowledgeable sales staff and the best price.  I was blown away by the quality and promptness of their support.”
  • “Nextiva was nearly half the price of Verizon; the phone system has been better in every area.”
  • “We have noticed improvement in our sound quality and we have not had any dropped calls like we did with our last carrier.”
  • “Switching from a traditional telephone service provider to Nextiva VoIP telephone and fax service was definitely, in my opinion, a great move.  I have already, and will continue to, recommend Nextiva VoIP service to colleagues, customers and vendors!”

Are you a satisfied Nextiva customer? We encourage you to leave your own WhichVoIP review.  Are you not yet a Nextiva customer?  Find an affordable business VoIP plan to fit your needs!


Nextiva Receptionist™ Delivers “Big Business” Customer Service

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Feature Spotlight: Nextiva Receptionist

Many small and midsize businesses strive to provide “big business” type customer service but don’t have the staff or resources to do so. The Nextiva Receptionist gives you the ability to streamline your incoming calls and gives your company’s first point of contact a complete view of who is on the phone and who is available. Nextiva Receptionist is available as an add-on with either the Office Pro or Office Enterprise level of your Nextiva business VoIP phone service.

When you need Nextiva Receptionist

Also known as the attendant console within the Nextiva NextOS platform, this completely web-based control panel solves problems such as:

  • You’re not sure if a certain employee is at his/her desk and available to take a call.
  • You need to forward an urgent call to a manager’s mobile device who is out of the office.
  • You don’t know who the next available staff member will be to take a call and don’t want to keep the customer holding.

With the Nextiva Receptionist attendant console, you can quickly see who’s available and who’s not. You can access all critical information about the people in a particular department or the whole company with just a click.

And if your business supports multiple shifts and staffing requirements, Nextiva Receptionist makes it easy to create user profiles for each member of your team. No more guessing when to forward or transfer a call, so you’ll be able to provide the best experience for your customers.

Here’s how it works

The Nextiva Receptionist attendant console supports flexible staffing arrangements and can be assigned to specific users at their desks rapidly, with limited disruption for your callers or your employees. With instant messaging, attendants can quickly see staff members’ status to ensure that calls are routed correctly and so they can share urgent company or customer information and instructions.

You can use the Nextiva Receptionist console to:

  • View employees’ and managers’ information: status, name, title, number, extension, department, e-mail, mobile, etc. You can select what information to display and in which order.
  • View call details for anyone in the system (remote name, number, and duration).
  • Simply click to dial or transfer a call to anyone, even if they are away from the office.
    Hosted VoIP Nextiva Receptionist

Learn how you can add Nextiva Receptionist to your business VoIP phone system with Nextiva.


The Cisco SPA112 Adapter – New to Nextiva!

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We are pleased to announce that we have added the comprehensive, feature-rich SPA112 phone adapter from Cisco to our line of VoIP phone products.  The SPA112 is the first adapter to be introduced to our phone technology offerings, which primarily consists of desk and wireless phones from Polycom, Cisco and Panasonic.

The Cisco SPA112 is a two-port adapter that works through a broadband Internet connection to enable high-quality VoIP service through analog phones.  We were drawn to the SPA112 by its ease-of-use and compact design – two features that we love being able to offer to our Nextiva customers!  Each of the adapter’s two phone lines can be configured separately and it is compatible with all industry-common telephone features.

Some of our favorite features that the Cisco SPA112 offers are:

  • Outstanding voice quality – All of your calls will be delivered in clear, high-quality communication conditions
  • Large-scale management – You will be able to provide customized service and dynamic upgrades to a large group of subscribers
  • Excellent security – All communication and servicing is supported by a complex encryption method
  • Compact size – Squeeze the adapter into a tight desk space or easily mount it on a wall
  • Easy installation – The quick set-up is made even simpler by Nextiva’s Amazing Service™ team
  • Reputable provider – Backed by Cisco, you will have peace of mind that the adapters have been rigorously tested to ensure consistent performance

Try the Cisco SPA112 adapter with your Nextiva business VoIP service!


Nextiva Anywhere™ Keeps Your Business Connected

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Feature Spotlight: Nextiva Anywhere

Nextiva Anywhere is one of the coolest new features of the new Nextiva business VoIP phone service. It allows you to use one or more locations, and devices, as extensions of your business phone. You can take your calls in the office, on your mobile device or from your soft phone on your PC – even at your home office – anywhere you connect with Nextiva.

When to use Nextiva Anywhere

If you’ve ever had the experience of being on your mobile phone while driving to the office and wishing you could continue the conversation from your desk phone once you arrive, Nextiva Anywhere is the service you need. With a simple entry on your keypad, you swap the call to your desk phone, mid-conversation, and your call continues without transfer or interruption. You don’t even need to put the call on hold. You save time because there is no delay caused by the need to disconnect and place a new call. And you show your caller that you respect their time and connection with your business.

Here’s how it works

You can seamlessly consolidate your devices, fixed and mobile, from different networks under a single Nextiva Office account and operate a single set of services. When you originate a call from a Nextiva Anywhere location, all of your business phone services are available as if you dialed the call from one of your primary locations. What’s more, as your business grows, you can add new devices to your Nextiva Anywhere service at any time.

Each Nextiva Anywhere location can be associated with selective criteria, which determine when each of your business locations should be alerted for incoming calls. The criteria are based on the incoming caller identity and the time of the call, and are combined into your business preferences, for example, incoming calls from this number, within business hours, and during the workweek. Or, you can define multiple criteria for each location.

The Nextiva Anywhere service is easy to configure within your Nextiva toolbar or online portal.

Try Nextiva Anywhere when you sign up for the business VoIP plan that’s right for you.


Did you know…? Nextiva Launches NextOS™ for Small and Midsize Businesses

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Nextiva NextOS

Did you know that Nextiva upgraded our unified communications platform? We recently launched NextOS, a technology infrastructure that supports more than five million businesses and 20 million consumers around the globe. While Nextiva serves small and midsize companies in the United States, it’s great to know that we’re in the company of 18 of the top 25 global telecom providers.

What does NextOS mean to Nextiva customers?

NextOS provides the peace of mind that you don’t have to question the reliability of your business phone system. It means that you can count on 99.9% uptime of your business VoIP service. We’d love to be able to guarantee 100%, but the simple truth is that nobody can. By the same token, we are doing everything we can to get as close as humanly possible. For example, we have a team of 1,500 telecom engineers and experts continuously developing, enhancing and maintaining the platform. And, we have more than doubled our in-house customer support team. At Nextiva, we want you to know that we’re there when you need us, whether you’re just getting started with a VoIP phone system or you already know the business benefits of VoIP and are making the switch to Nextiva.

Here’s how it works

With NextOS supporting all Nextiva Office and Nextiva Call Center plans, you gain advanced features and services you don’t typically find in a small business phone system. The platform delivers front office tools like intelligent automated call distribution and a receptionist console; hosted PBX systems that typically don’t even require you to change phones; and hosted call center services with complete agent and supervisor dashboard and reporting. NextOS supports your business mobility as well. Whether your business is in one location or hundreds of sites across the country, the NextOS unified communications platform is designed to scale and grow with your business.

Get started with the Nextiva business VoIP plan that’s right for you.