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July 2011

UC and VoIP as the Future of Business Communication

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As discussed by Jim Metzler and Steve Taylor in Network World, businesses should consider VoIP and UC as a part of their cloud strategy.

But for the more inexperienced techie, what do all of these things mean? UC means Unified Communications. UC allows for the integration of instant messaging, presence information, (IP) telephony, video conferencing, data sharing, call control and speech recognition as well as unified messaging, such as voicemail, email, SMS and fax. VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol, meaning that phone sessions can be initiated, sustained and ended over the internet rather than the public switched network. Not only does this increase functionality, but it also lowers costs substantially when it comes long-distance and international phone calls.

So then what is a cloud strategy? This refers to an enterprise’s data being stored virtually by the third-party on multiple servers. Hosts run large data centers, dealing with the issues of space and security. The system operates in the background, while still allowing businesses and individuals easy access to all the material they need. Utilizing a hosting service saves a businesses the overhead costs of running their own servers and the anxiety of maintaining security and space on dedicated servers.

By integrating the cloud solution with VoIP and UC, the options are endless when it comes to functionality and cost savings. Hosts could potentially offer these services as a package deal, increasing usage among consumers, while saving consumers money. Or services could be broken down and customized to better suit users.

No matter how the services are used, the increasing use of VoIP, UC and cloud hosting is inevitable as far as streamlining business communication and data storage.


Recent Trends Indicate the Healthy Future of VoIP

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According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, almost 25 percent of Americans have used the internet to make a phone call. This is a dramatic increase from past years and seems to indicate that VoIP is here to stay.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, utilizes the internet to initiate, sustain and end voice communications. Traditionally, this could only be down over a public switched telephone network (PSTN). The latter tended to be expensive when it came to long-distance or international phone calls and did not offer the multi-fuctionality that VoIP now does. These functions include online faxing, video conferencing, voicemail among other benefits. In addition, VoIP tends to be much cheaper for all those benefits, proving particularly beneficial when it comes to making international phone calls or for businesses who rely on phone communication.

But VoIP has always had these benefits, so why is its popularity increasing now? First off, many of the initial glitches in the technology itself have been worked out. There are less dropped calls ands stronger connections. In addition, the market is less laden with lower quality services, and stronger competitors remain, such as Nextiva, Vonage and Skype. In addition, VoIP services have been integrated more fully with internet in general, increasing functionality and proving more attractive to consumers.

One thing is for sure, VoIP will continue to increase in popularity and in functionality. Individuals and businesses should consider integrating VoIP to both save money and streamline communication. To learn more about VoIP services and how your business can experience the benefits, visit


Cable Companies Move to Focus on Internet, Rather than Phone and Cable

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Cable companies used to be a one-stop shop for consumers when it came to internet, phone and cable services. However, now customers’ preferences are changing and cable companies are seeking to compensate by prioritizing internet over all other products.

Glenn Britt, the chief executive of Time Warner Cable, said, as cited by the Wall Street Journal that: [Internet] has become our primary product… people are telling us that if they were down to their last dollar, they’d drop broadband last.”

With the increasing capabilities of internet connection, people can watch their favorite cable television online without paying for high cable prices. But the phone communication seems to be left out of the equation. If cable companies are placing less focus on providing phone services, what is a consumer to do?

This is where a phone company, such as Nextiva, can help. Nextiva utilizes the consumers’ internet connection to provide phone services at low cost, which is something that a consumer with internet can not just do on his own.

Using the existing internet connection and usually capitalizing on the equipment on hand, a customer can have a fully functioning phone service within minutes. The benefits of using an internet-based phone services is numerous. Long-distance and international phone calls are less expensive. Phone conferencing is made easier. The multi-functionality is immeasurable with online faxing, text-to-speech and vice versa services, voicemail, etc., are all benefits made easier when working with a company like Nextiva.


TXT180 Launches with the Power of Nextiva

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Text message marketing service provider TXT180 launched in 2011. Business VoIP provider Nextiva, is hosting and simplifying their phone and fax communications.

When they were searching for a business VoIP provider TXT180 sales and marketing manager Ben Hardman said they immediately looked to Nextiva. TXT180, a text message marketing service, launched on the first Monday of 2011. They offer mobile marketing that lets companies send promotional rates, sales, events and other notices to subscribers’ cell phones via text. All of their office communications are hosted by Nextiva, Inc. Hardman said they’ve been thrilled with the service so far.

“At this point, we’ve been impressed with the features and overall quality of service,” Hardman said.
He said Nextiva’s affordable pricing and excellent customer service are two of the biggest draws for using them. When they comparison-shopped, Nextiva was the clear choice. Nextiva is one of the only VoIP providers that also offer hosted PBX, online faxing, automated attendants, call routing and other services. TXT180, which has been in development since June 2010, signed up for service with Nextiva in November 2010.

“I’ve had to call them a few different times to get things fast, and it’s been real fast and easy,” Hardman said. “In the cost department, we’re able to save money there and utilize more marketing budget.”

Yaniv Masjedi of Nextiva said he is looking forward to watching TXT180 grow. Nextiva, Inc. has been rated the #1 VoIP service provider in the country. Their amazing support, affordable packages and powerful, reliable infrastructure allows them to scale their offerings to meet the needs of today’s small business.
The thousands of companies who rely on Nextiva’s phone services establish the company’s reputation as a leading provider of business VoIP systems.


Propel Your Career With Nextiva

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Nextiva is Hiring!

Nextiva offers great opportunities to build a career along with terrific perks and benefits. If you are an enthusiastic and dedicated techie who enjoys interacting with small business professionals throughout the United States, we’d love to have you on our team.

Nextiva is one of the country’s fastest growing communications providers and we are looking for the right people to propel our growth. Nextiva is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and has immediate job openings for Internet and tech savvy individuals.

We are actively seeking Level 1 Technical Support engineers who demonstrate the following qualities:

*Thrive in a fast paced working environment
*Passion to help our customers achieve their goals
*Team orientation
*Strong desire for continuous learning and development
*A commitment to delivering Amazing Service 100% of the time

Nextiva has multiple work shifts available.

If you’re ready to apply, please send an email to hr @ We want to talk to you and look forward to having you on board.