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September 2010

Enhanced Functionalities For Little Cost

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The majority of high quality hosted VoIP systems geared towards smaller businesses are not only easy to maintain but they also provide a cost efficient alternative to conventional telecommunications. Through the deployment of a hosted VoIP PBX small businesses will notably drive revenue while significantly improving their corporate imagery.

A businesses ability to effectively handle client communications is paramount to their overall success. Deploying a well configured VoIP system facilitates exceptional customer service while allowing businesses to realize and achieve their strategic goals.

In order to assist smaller organizations in streamlining their communications, VoIP systems provide many revolutionary calling features such as conference calling, enhanced voicemail, fax to email and automated attendants.

The integrated web interface allows for easy call management and intelligent call routing capabilities. The ability to set a particular number to ring to any extension or group anywhere on the network helps to boost service quality while ensuring the calls to do go unattended.

Virtual phone systems are a great benefit to businesses with multiple locations or traveling workers. Tools and features like call forwarding enable calls to be distributed to any phone that a travelling employee happens to be accepting calls on. This helps clients and employees to remain connected regardless of geographical location – meaning that potential revenue is never missed.

Lowered operational and on-going expenses have always been the primary factors for businesses deciding to deploy a VoIP telecommunications solution. Doing so means the elimination of costly hardware and onsite PBX systems. It also reduces the need to hire or train special support staff as the majority of the equipment and software will be maintained by the hosted provider.


Keeping Employees and Businesses Connected

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Small business organizations consider hosted VoIP services to be a beneficial alternative to conventional phone service while providing them with many ground breaking advantages. Businesses routinely employing mobile workers or those with multiple office locations are likely to realize even greater returns through the deployment of a hosted VoIP solution. When correctly configured, a host VoIP system will enable mobile workers to remain connected with the business providing a greater competitive advantage and a heightened business edge.
Hosted VoIP systems eliminate the requirements of costly on premise software or bulky PBX equipment, therefore drastically reducing the costs of both implantation and operating. The breadth of the functionalities and technical specifications of the system can effortlessly be incorporated into the existing corporate phone system.
The chosen solutions provider will assume responsibility for maintaining and housing all of the necessary hardware and then virtually distribute the functionalities to the business. So long as mobile employees have access to high speed broadband Internet they will be able to access and utilize the corporate phone system in its entirety, enabling them to effortlessly remain connected. Just like employees working from inside the office location, remote employees are able to listen to voicemail, create calling groups and even view pertinent CRM information through enclosed web interfaces.
Hosted VoIP PBX phone systems provide small businesses with the same extensive and sophisticated features and tools as the conventional PBXs utilized by larger corporations for a fraction of the cost. This allows small businesses to streamline costs while bolstering their customer service capabilities greatly. Some of the most noteworthy features of a hosted VoIP system include automated attendant, Find Me – Follow Me, call routing, hunt groups, enhanced voicemail, virtual fax, conference calling, automated distribution and much much more.
Nextiva rewards all of their small businesses consumers with a free automated attendant. The automated attendant can be thought of as a virtual secretary there to professional greet incoming callers and provide them with a directory of calling options. Callers are then routed to the appropriate party or placed in priority sequence until the call can be handled properly.
The variety of advanced functionalities of a hosted VoIP system will ultimately resolve any communications requirements a smaller business may be faced with. All the while providing them with a cost efficient and reliable alternative to the perils of conventional telephone service.


The Benefits of Being Hosted

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Small business owners should be excited by the idea of implementing a small business VoIP solution into their telecommunications strategic plan. Doing so will enable them to realize a wide array of advantageous benefits. While the single most appreciated benefits is definitely extreme cost savings, another well respected benefit comes from the ability to connect employees, clients and offices through a single phone number.

Unlike conventional PBXs, a hosted business VoIP phone system is not only flexible but effortlessly scalable as well. Many extensions can be added and maintained from the already existing corporate system. This function allows smaller businesses to expand while eliminating the need to invest in additional equipment or extensions. Small businesses praise virtual extensions for their ability to create a local presence even if the business is located outside of that local vicinity.

Another positive feature of a hosted VoIP system is the advanced call management features available with the use of an automated attendant. An automated attendant serves as a virtual receptionist available around the clock to answer and greet callers, provide necessary business information and even route calls to any mailbox, group, person or conference room available.

Small businesses enjoy the increased flexibility and productivity boosting capabilities of a hosted VoIP system as this allows their employees to maintain business contact and client communications from any phone or computer so long as internet connectivity is maintained. Calls that go unanswered, although rare, are effectively managed by the enhanced voicemail capabilities of the system. Some of these capabilities include voice mail to email, fax to email and even voicemail to text.

Through the use of a VoIP PBX small business users are able to enjoy the same expensive and revolutionary features as their major competitors, without the need to maintain expensive infrastructure or on-site systems.


The Benefits Of A Web-Based User Interface

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By now the benefits small businesses receive through the use of a hosted business VoIP phone system are no secret. Small business owners may, however, be unaware of the easy to manage web configuration and user interfaces of their existing VoIP systems. Most reputable small business oriented VoIP systems provide many revolutionary enterprise grade tools and features that can be accessed and operated over a single network. These features provide many of the same functionalities of an on-site conventional PBX, but are available for a much more manageable rate.

Since hosted VoIP services are available through virtualized avenues they can easily be integrated with many advantageous web-based interfaces. The primary user interface of a hosted VoIP PBX can easily be tailored to meet the needs of any small business. This ease of use enables system administrators to easily add or remove virtual extensions and make many configuration adjustments; a particular benefit to businesses as they start to grow and expand. With the utilization of virtual extensions it is highly plausible for upwards of 100 additional extensions to be maintained and monitored from the already existing main connection. This value added service will greatly reduce operational costs while eliminating the need for additional infrastructure.

Business administrators, management and employees will be given the advantage of being able to manage and prioritize calls, view important CRM information such as detailed billing and call history and even view or delete voicemails and faxes.
Hosted VoIP PBXs have noteworthy effects on client / employee interaction and satisfaction rates even outside of normal business hours. Through the utilization of hosted VoIP employees working away from the office can maintain contact with clients through the use of any active broadband Internet connection. The biggest advantage of remote access is the reduce requirements for maintaining costly equipment and highly complex networks.

An easily customizable web-based interface available on most hosted VoIP PBX systems gives smaller organizations the freedom to easily manage their business communications practices. Incoming calls to the main business line can be automatically routed to any number or office location and then routed to voicemail if no one is available to tend to the call.

The ground-breaking functionalities of a hosted VoIP PBX and the inclusion of advanced and easy-to-use web-interfaces will enable smaller enterprises to realize the benefit of business enhancing features while greatly reducing their on-going telecommunications expenses.


Online Fax Reliability

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It has happened to all of us. You’re expecting an important fax and your fax machine runs out of paper. Or ink. Or both. Or you’ve sent a fax and you’ve waited for the better part of the day for your cryptic confirmation of receipt. Or perhaps you received your fax in a timely enough fashion, only to misplace your one hardcopy. Or maybe you had to send a copy of your passport or driver’s license to someone. So you scanned it. Then you printed it. Then your copied it. Then your faxed it. And then you found out it wasn’t high quality enough and had to do it again.

The old-fashioned way of faxing is gone with the advent of online fax reliability and you can kiss all those issues goodbye. With increasing online fax reliability, customers can be sure that all their faxes are safely sent and received. They can be stored to your hard drive, backed up and will never be lost. Customers can also send faxes online, so those beautifully scanned and stored important documents can be sent in a timely and quality manner.

Online faxing reduces the need for paper and ink. Customers can always be sure their faxes are received. If on the receiving end, customers can be sure that they have high quality copies they can refer to later on their trusty and mobile laptops. Online faxing reliability reduces the stress of modern communication. In essence, it merges two types of necessary modes into the innovative and useful online faxing.


Why Worry About Plugs And Cartridges When One Has Access To Online Faxing?

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With online fax – people no longer need a fax machine.
The dreaded fax machine. It was loud. It was gray or black. It made that awful dialing sound. It never had enough paper. The confirmation slips were never consistent. The ink cartridges were expensive. One had to scan, print, and copy documents to get them in the right form before faxing them. And one could never save high quality versions of often used documents. In addition, one never knew if those important pieces stayed private or were printed off on the other end and picked up by the wrong party.

Now, however, with online fax, people no longer need a fax machine. Online faxing allows customers to send and receive faxes online to other machines. This means customers can create a PDF or a like format of their passport, for instance, instead of scanning it, creating copies and faxing it. They will have a high quality version on their computer that they can keep safe and fax out. This ensures that the fax goes to the right party in the right condition. In addition, when faxes of important documents are received, customers can keep them organized and safe on their personal hard drives. There is no risk of losing precious papers.

Not to mention that online fax allows the customer to get rid of those bulky and expensive machine. The mobility and freedom of one’s personal computer reduces the cost and headache of traditional fax machines. There is no reason to resort to old-fashioned methods when with online faxing, people no longer need a fax machine.


Send Faxes From Your Computer

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Traditional faxing seems to be a thing of the past: fax machines are huge and pricey. However, there are times when people need to send or receive important documents via fax. With a relatively new concept, online fax allowed people to fax from their computers. Thus, individuals can receive and send faxes without the issues of scanning, copying, and sending via the old machine. Not to mention, they can receive faxes online and save them directly to their hard drive. This allows individuals to stay more organized and reduces the risk of losing important documents.

Copies of Ids, birth certificates, social security cards, passports, licenses and contracts can all be stored safely on one’s hard drive and sent easily via online fax. Instead of worry about paper, ink, confirmations and the annoying sound of dialing, faxes can be sent as easily as an email. And if the receiving end has a fax machine, the document can still be sent, and vice versa. Thus, everyone stays on the same page of communication.

In addition, being able to save these documents to their hard drive and to have the option of saving important documents to another source ensures the safety of these items for future reference. It makes information more mobile and business and personal communication easier and more reliable than traditional faxing. Individuals know that their documents are safely and privately send and received.