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April 2010

Nextiva Review – Polycom IP 335

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Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Review

Business VoIP Phone by Polycom (335)

A great entry-level business VoIP phone

The Polycom 335 contains all of the same features that consumers have come to expect from the Polycom SoundPoint IP line; in look, feel and quality. As well as Integrated PoE support and easy configurability with other applications.
There are some distinct differences, however. Namely the new hi-resolution backlit display, while it is relatively small it is much easier to read thanks to the increased lighting. The second improvement is the dedicated RJ-9 headset port with Electronic Hook Switch support.
The speakerphone quality of the Polycom 335 is impressive and when we compare it with the speakerphone of Linksys and Cisco IP phones, we’d recommend Polycom phones for professionals looking for reliable and high quality speakerphone. Another bonus that comes with the Polycom 335 is the HD Voice feature that is now included with Polycom’s latest line of IP phones. HD Voice delivers unmatched call quality.
While the Polycom 335 is an entry level phone, it still provides excellent voice quality and is perfect for smaller organizations on a budget.

Polycom Soundpoint IP 335 Overview

• Hi-resolution backlit, graphical display
• Two-line entry-level phone
• Easy to use and program
• Power over Ethernet support
• HD Voice
• XML microbrowser
• Backlit 102 x 33 grayscale graphical LCD
• Dedicated RJ-9 headset port

If you are interested in purchasing a Polycom 335 phone from Nextiva, you can either call 800-983-4289 or visit Nextiva’s page dedicated to business VoIP phones.


Nextiva Review – Polycom IP 550

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Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 Review

Polycom 550 Business VoIP Phone (Image Source:

Polycom has been delivering business value for many years, and have proven their industry leading experience in the Polycom 550 IP desk phone. Not only does the Polycom 550 boast four-lines it also supports a huge list of revolutionary features. Thanks to Acoustic Clarity Technology, a patent unique to Polycom products, the SoundPoint IP 550 provides distinct and crystal clear HD voice quality; making the Polycom 550 optimal for business conferencing use and in busy environments. The back lit 320 x 160- pixel graphical grayscale LCD display provides optimal viewing potential for directories, buddy lists and XHTML supported web applications; tools capable of enhancing both business processes and productivity. When compared to the SPA9xx and SPA5xx series VoIP phones by Cisco, the price of the Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 is quite higher. Priced at about $250, many smaller or home based businesses are unable to justify the cost even when used in conjunction with a hosted VoIP system. Those who do, however, are likely to experience the extreme manageability and business bolstering effects of an IP phone designed for both the boardroom and the call center floor.

Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 Overview

  • Four-lines
  • HD Voice
  • Backlit 320 x 160 graphical grayscale LCD display
  • Integrated 802.3af PoE support
  • Intercom and digital duplex speakerphone
  • Caller ID, Call display, 3-way calling, call transfer, call waiting
  • Call timer, on hook dialing
  • External power adapter

If you are interested in purchasing a Polycom 550 phone from Nextiva, you can either call 800-983-4289 or visit Nextiva’s page dedicated to VoIP phones.


Nextiva Review – Cisco SPA525G

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Cisco SPA525G IP Phone Review

CIsco SPA525G (Image Source:

One of the first Bluetooth capable VoIP phones on the market

Those with a liking for the Linksys SPA9xx models will appreciate the Cisco SPA525G as both bare physical similarities. However, the SPA525G model offers a few distinct differences. Not only does the SPA525G support both SIP and SPCP but it also utilizes the unique Cisco Discovery Protocol to determine which network is most appropriate. The SPA525G comes equipped with a built in USB 2.0 port that is capable of supporting any USB storage media device and has the ability to play MP3’s via the on board MP3 player. A unique advantage that the SPA525G holds over any other business VoIP phone on the market is its Bluetooth support capability; which allows the phone to be paired effortlessly with any Bluetooth headset product. This phone is ideal for smaller businesses operating on a hosted VoIP platform. And, like most Cisco products, includes a multitude of built-in XML web based applications. Allowing users to pull news and blog feeds and view the information directly on the phones large and bright colored LCD display. It also provides business users with both a personal and corporate telephone directory that supports both LDAP and XML technologies.

Cisco 525G Overview

  • Five-line IP phone support
  • Hi-resolution 3.2 inch QVGA 320 x 240 color screen
  • Power over Ethernet, 802.11g wireless and BlueTooth capable
  • Secure wireless setup
  • Supports various multimedia support, including: MP3, digital photos and RSS feed
  • SIP and SCPC support
  • Caller ID, call forwarding, call transfer, 3-way conference, call history, directories, MP3 ring tones
  • Ability to monitor security cameras and receive live streaming video via MonitorView

If you are interested in purchasing a Cisco SPA525G phone from Nextiva, you can either call 800-983-4289 or visit Nextiva's page dedicated to VoIP phones.


Nextiva Review – Linksys SPA942

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Linksys SPA942 IP Phone Review

Linksys SPA942 (Source:

A VoIP phone designed for small businesses

Smaller businesses, and home based business users, seeking to enhance their VoIP experience would be best suited to invest in a fully functioning IP phone, and leave the softphones to residential or basic calling. Linksys had small business professionals in mind when they designed the Linksys SPA942 phone. Whether business professionals elect to utilize the phone strictly as a desk phone, or take it on the road with them the SPA942 offers better display, advanced ease of use and 14 dedicated hard keys plus 4 programmable soft keys. Not to mention the fact that it no longer requires a corded power supply as it can be completely powered and charged via a dedicated Ethernet port.

The SPA942 not only provides a sleek and professional look and feel, but it also offers optimal performance and usability. Linksys introduced the SPA942 as a way to address the common challenges experienced with the SPA941 model, particularly how the SPA941 does not include dual Ethernet ports. As an IP phone geared towards modern business use, the SPA942 boasts up to four-line calling capabilities, two Ethernet ports, a full speakerphone and is completely powered via Ethernet capability. Few of the biggest advantages of the new model include: a backlit, hi-resolution 128×48 line display that permits the use of other business communications functions such as: call transfer, conferencing, voicemail and call routing; making the LinkSys SPA942 a well adept business communications tool. Priced at under $150 (this price includes a power supply), the SPA942 is a VoIP phone with great value for the small business owner using VoIP on a budget.

Linksys SPA942 Description:

  • 2 100BaseT Ethernet Ports
  • Four line display
  • Hi-resolution display
  • Solid design and professional look
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Network based ring tone support
  • VLAN enabled
  • SIP compatible
  • Backlit display
  • Supported Codecs: G177u, G711a, G726, G729a, G723
  • Remote configuration and provisioning via HTTP, HTTPS and TFTP
  • Power of Ethernet Capability

If you are interested in purchasing a Linksys SPA942 phone from Nextiva, you can either call 800-983-4289 or visit Nextiva’s page dedicated to VoIP phones.


Nextiva Video: Life Is Good

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On September 15, 1997 became a registered domain name. Since then, has grown to become one of the largest companies and one of the most highly visited sites on the Internet thus far.

One would think that with Google’s position and popularity, the company would be a “regular” Super Bowl advertiser. Although believe it or not, Google’s first Super Bowl television ad was in 2010. As the popular Internet tech blog,, posted on February 6, 2010; “Google’s Superbowl ad will make you cry a little bit”.

For Google’s first Super Bowl ad, Google promoted one of its Search Story videos from its YouTube channel. The title of the video is “Parisian Love” and it can be viewed by visiting Google’s Search Stories Youtube channel. With over 4 million views of Parisian Love and a cool tool offering YouTube users to build their own Search Story, it’s a great opportunity to create a unique video for Nextiva.

Titled “Life Is Good”, Nextiva’s video demonstrates that life is really good when your business runs off Nextiva. Click here to watch Nextiva’s Life Is Good video.

We’re not sure if Nextiva’s search story will get 4 millions views in just a few months, but we’re very happy with the message we delivery because Nextiva lets business owners focus on what they do best and not have to worry about their communication solutions.


VoIP: Reducing Operational Expenses

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Owning and operating a small business is no easy task. In fact, the operational costs of a small business have greatly increased over the last ten years. The reason for heightened business costs has a great deal to do with the drastic increases in service costs. Fuel, wages, and transit expenses have all been on a steady increase, and are likely to plateau in the near future. Since it is impossible for a business to survive without procuring for many of these services, business owners must seek out ways to reduce costs in other areas of the business.

One of the most guaranteed ways for a small business to lower their operational expenses is by abandoning their conventional telephony service and migrating to a small business VoIP solution. For the American small business owner, switching to a VoIP communications platform allows them to reduce their traditional state and federal tax expenses by nearly 15%; many small businesses owners are likely unaware of the added tax expense of operating a packet switch telephone network. Also alleviated are the regular and yearly service costs routinely charged by most telephone companies; savings that can amount to hundreds of dollars annually.

Outside of the routine reductions in regular telecommunications costs, nearly 80% for the majority of smaller businesses, switching to business VoIP phone systems has been proven in assisting in the reduction of nearly 40% of common operational expenses. Adhering to budget and managing financial resources have always been a challenge, in any industry, a small business VoIP solution gives small business owners the ability to control their telecommunications expenses.

Budgeting for monthly telecom bills while still operating on a conventional platform is nothing more than a guessing game as there is no way for the business to foresee their call usage and the costs associated with long distance, extra features or service charges. VoIP provides an all encompassing solution to budget management as all of the tools and features; long distance and administration charges are included in one affordable monthly flat rate. Most plans start as low as $8.95 and there are no hidden fees or yearly service costs to worry about.


Business VoIP Provider, Nextiva, Wins 2009 Product of the Year Award

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Scottsdale, Arizona, April 15, 2010 – Nextiva, a SaaS business phone system provider, announced today that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) has named Nextiva’s Office VoIP service as a recipient of its 2009 Unified Communications magazine Product of the Year Award.

Nextiva Office is transforming the way small businesses communicate. Nextiva Office is a full-featured business phone system which includes unlimited calling and Internet fax functionality. The service is competitively priced with a, flat, fixed monthly fee, no contracts and no setup costs. “Recognition by Unified Communications magazine is an honor as well as a testament to our deep commitment to meeting the communications needs of businesses through valuable technology and Amazing Support,” said Yaniv Masjedi of Nextiva.

“It is an honor to grant Nextiva with a 2009 Product of the Year Award for their Nextiva Office business phone solution. Nextiva has proven their dedication to quality and excellence while supporting the needs in the marketplace,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “We look forward to seeing continued advancement in technology solutions from Nextiva in the future.” A complete list of Product of the Year Award winners will be published in the March/April 2010 issue of Unified Communications magazine,

Nextiva offers a simple approach to office telephony that is radically altering the economics of the small business telephone market. As the business telephone market continues to transition from traditional phone service to VoIP phone service, Nextiva has positioned itself to be a top choice in VoIP service for many businesses. With Nextiva Office, small business owners have full control over their phone system and can easily make changes with the click of a mouse.

About Nextiva

Nextiva, Inc. is transforming the way Small Business communicates. The Nextiva Complete Business VoIP Phone System is a next-generation communications platform providing small businesses with the features of large businesses at a small business price. Nextiva makes owning and operating a small business easier, less costly and more profitable. Each product and service was specially engineered to give small business owners advantages previously only available to larger enterprises. Nextiva delivers award winning small business VoIP solutions and Amazing Support. For more information, please visit:

About Unified Communications Magazine

Launched in July 2007, Unified Communications magazine is devoted to educating enterprise decision makers on why and how they need to deploy unified communications (UC) solutions. Every issue of Unified Communications magazine features a comprehensive news section; case studies of successful deployments and lessons learned; interviews with leading hardware and software companies; and an ‘industry’ section, featuring analysis of important mergers and acquisition, partnerships and a Wall Street perspective on the unified communications market. Unified Communications has a readership of 100,000. For more information, please visit