Recent additions in technology make this the new age of golden age of customer service. It’s as simple as getting the right apps to serve your customers.

  1. Brandify – Customers are talking about your company right now. This solution monitors your company’s online assets and reputation to make sure you hear all the good and bad things your customers are saying about your brand.
  1. Schedule Max – Customers don’t want to call you to schedule appointments and then wait on hold. Now they can do it online on any mobile or desktop device. It will even send them reminders of upcoming appointments. Starts at $15 a month.
  1. Live Chat – Customers often surf your website and have questions. Use this embedded chat window to know which page your customers are on and to talk to them directly when they need help. Starts at $39 per agent per month.
  1. Sage One – Manage customer projects so you know the status of each of them at a press of a button when customers ask. Starts at $29 a month.
  1. Click With Me Now – In order to offer the best customer service, you often need to share the customer’s screen. This solution does it in one click without downloading any software or registering for an account. Call it the best form of social shopping! Request a demo to get pricing.
  1. Parature for Facebook – Customers talk to you through Facebook. Parature’s cloud-based software lets you integrate a customer service center into your company’s Facebook page. This can include a self-service knowledge base, a ticket customer support system and chat. Ask for a free trial.
  1. – The explosion of communication channels has made it more difficult to monitor all the ways customers want to talk to you. From, this solution sets up one universal inbox for a multichannel strategy including Twitter, Facebook, phone, email, and chat. Prices start at $3 a month per agent.
  1. Get Satisfaction – With the Internet, other loyal customers can provide support answers to current customers (and it’s free). This solution enables you to create a customer support community where customers can share problems. Your team and other customers contribute answers to create a user-generated knowledge base. Starts at $425 a month.
  1. Help Scout – Responding to customers over and over again for the same issues can be time consuming and tedious. This solution makes it easy for the support center reps to focus online customer engagement through customizable email templates and  automated responses. Free for up to 3 users.
  1. Nextiva – A phone system used to be simple to buy since all your employees were in one location. Now with virtual employees working from home and other mobile locations, Nextiva provides a unified communication solution so your customers think you are right next door. Starts at $20 a month.

What is a customer service app that your company can’t do without?