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When your local business presence isn’t enough,
Nextiva takes you where your customers are.

Sacramento, California is in the 916 area code in Sacramento County, California.

Nextiva local phone numbers can enhance your business presence with the professional appearance and image of a larger company. Our complete digital phone solutions make it simple to operate your business anywhere in the country. While your company may be physically located in Chicago, Illinois, a local presence may also be established in Sacramento, California. Nextiva makes it possible to forward your new Sacramento phone number, and any others your company may have, to any location where you or your staff happen to be.

A Nextiva local phone number in the City of Sacramento, California will give your business a local phone number presence, regardless of where your business is located or you may be traveling. Best of all, every Nextiva phone number comes with the most advanced PBX features, without the usual high costs.

Approximately 463,794 citizens live in the Sacramento region, which is the capital of the state of California in the U.S.

Original and established businesses in Sacramento include a broad base of government, transportation, agriculture and mining companies. The information, technology, education, leisure and hospitality, health services and construction industries now dominate the approximately 29,607 companies in the region.

Companies such as Intel and Hewlett-Packard are among Sacramento's largest employers as part of a diverse labor pool, along with financial, professional and business services interests.

The City of Sacramento offers a small business certification program which benefits entrepreneurs of all kinds and provides bid preferences and other incentives for the region's extensive business growth opportunities.

The Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce supports the city's healthy economy through offering small business owners with assistance to participate in numerous ongoing development projects. Entrepreneurs in and around the region may benefit from the Chamber's events designed to connect and showcase member businesses to provide and expand a knowledge platform for the region's many small business concerns.

Nextiva Digital Phone
System Benefits Include:

  • Local Business Presence. A Sacramento, CA phone number can be accessed and operated from anywhere in the world.
  • Simple, affordable pricing structure with no hidden fees.
  • Instant Activation. Getting started is easy. Simply choose a business number and setup where you'd like the calls to ring.
  • Powerful standard PBX features such as voicemail, call forwarding and multiple extensions are always included with Nextiva voip phone services.
  • No special equipment is ever required.
  • Flexible system upgrades easily for adjustments and expansion.

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

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See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

Nextiva's XBert

Contact an Amazing Service
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