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Ranked #1 in 2021

Voted best business phone system by U.S. News two years in a row.

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2021 Best Business Phone Systems

Everything you can do with Nextiva.

Use features as you need them — together or separately.

Get more value out of your phone
More than just a phone

Talk to anyone through phone, text, video, email, and instant messaging.

Get more value out of your phone. Simplify your business communications with a single product that does what you need, when you need it.

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Supercharge your sales and service teams
Phone system + useful tools

Use our powerful built-in tools to supercharge your sales and service teams.

Build better relationships with every customer. You’ll “magically” know everything about them and their past interactions with you.

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Use a single app to connect with teams and customers
Look like a Fortune 500

Connect with teams and customers in the same app.

Make an impression on everyone with the best video conferencing software we’ve ever created. Take your online meetings to the next level.

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Built-in automations to eliminate the busywork
focus on customers and increase efficiency Increase Efficiency

Eliminate busywork, so you can focus on customers.

Our built-in automations make it easy to simplify everyone’s workday. Send emails, surveys, auto-responses, and more.

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People love Nextiva.

Video of Phat Scooters Customer Success Story
Customer Story

Phat Scooters

Phat Scooters uses Nextiva to create the best customer experience every time.

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Video of Reliance Partners Customer Success Story
Customer Story

Reliance Partners

Reliance Partners Used Nextiva to Grow Revenue 327% Since 2018

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Video of Steam Logistics Customer Success Story
Customer Story

Steam Logistics

Steam doubled its annual revenue atop Nextiva’s cloud communication solutions.

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Nextiva recognized as a Customers' Choice for the Gartner Peer Insights 'Voice of the Customer': UCAAS
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Get more value out of your phone

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Nextiva is a Connected Communications company that helps businesses grow faster. It lets people work smarter using its business VoIP phone service, video conferencing, text messaging, and CRM software.

More than 100,000 companies rely on Nextiva for customer and team communication. U.S. News ranked it the best business phone system in 2020 and 2021. Nextiva’s business phone software regularly tops reviewer’s lists for superior uptime and ease of use

Nextiva uniquely manages all customer communications and engagement in one place to provide a truly unified view of the customer. It enhances the customer experience with sales and service tools, analytics, AI, and automation.

Nextiva has pioneered Connected Communications from the ground up to provide actionable customer insights in real time across all channels, with communications at its core. With $200M in backing from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, we’re taking that vision to every customer, everywhere.

Connected Communications leverages past and present conversations to provide a seamless employee and customer experience. It addresses the dilemma created by fragmented business tools by giving a complete picture of the customer in real time with actionable information for every user.

The top benefits of Connected Communications include:

  • Increased revenue — When you anticipate customer needs, you can intelligently offer promotions and product upgrades and act on new sales opportunities.
  • Reduced customer churn — Keep customers engaged throughout their journey, growing customer loyalty and solving causes of churn before they happen so you can maximize customer value.
  • Boost team productivity — Minimize the busy work by automating routine tasks when handling customer issues and sales pipelines. Set automatic reminders to serve customers efficiently.
  • Lowered costs — Trim expenses by consolidating 15+ customer support apps, eliminating data silos, and bridging divides between isolated teams.
  • Enhanced business continuity — Stay connected to your customers and keep your teams connected with the most reliable service provider in the industry. Down communication systems means lost business.

Nextiva services start at $18.95 per month, depending on the number of users and term length. Nextiva’s price plans include business functionality you need, such as unlimited calling nationwide, voicemail transcription, mobile and desktop apps, CRM, and collaboration tools.

Nextiva’s cloud phone system saves business owners up to 65% over its on-premises landline predecessors. Instead of paying extra for text messaging (SMS/MMS), customer support tools, and virtual faxing, you get them included with Nextiva.

Enterprise phone solutions like call centers, contact centers, and trunking vary based on the number of seats and add-ons.

It costs nothing to try Nextiva. Set it up in minutes, and begin using its business communication software on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Nextiva is a breeze to set up for enterprises and small businesses. Every account gets personalized care to help them along the way.

Once you pick your plan, add users, transfer phone numbers (or get a new business number). Then, download the Nextiva App to your smartphone or computer, and you’re up and running!

Larger organizations receive additional support in setting up bulk number porting, contact centers, data integrations, and workflow automation. Whenever your needs change, we’re ready to support you.

Did we mention everyone gets unlimited live support? Swing by our support portal for FAQs, training videos, and easy-to-follow tutorials. If you have a question, reach our product experts over the phone, email, chat, or social media — anytime!

We’ve designed every aspect of our beautiful admin portal to be the easiest and fastest way to manage your business phone service.

Nextiva lets anyone work from home and the office using its secure business communications platform known as NextOS. Your team can use VoIP desk phones or virtual softphones to stay in touch.

Here are several features that are essential to a hybrid workforce:

  • Cloud PBX — Manage your company’s phone service, including call routing, over an internet connection while keeping your staff productive.
  • Conference calls — Dial in to connect multiple people from any phone line to participate in a conference call. Hold meetings even when people work remotely.
  • Screen sharing — Deliver a live presentation to team members and customers for real-time collaboration.
  • Team messaging — Chat with team members for a faster response than an email across any desktop or mobile device. Chat with team members for a faster response than an email across any desktop or mobile device.
  • Phone presence — See when another person is busy, on a call, on their mobile phone, or available for more efficient communication.
  • Video meetings — Meet over a video conference using a trusted VoIP solution to add a deeper emotional connection.
  • HD phone calls — Be heard clearly with excellent call quality. HD voice gives you twice the sound quality of an analog phone call.
  • Unified communications — Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) consolidates separate channels across the enterprise into a shared platform for voice, video, chat, and collaboration.
  • CRM integrations — Even though Nextiva's virtual phone system is powerful, it integrates nicely with others using APIs. Dial contacts faster and bridge the gap between your CRM and office phone system.
  • Toll-free phone number — Achieve a trusted, national presence with a toll-free business phone number to direct calls to your team easily. Incoming phone calls can be routed to your office phone or cell phone any way you want.
  • Advanced features — Instantly adjust call management telephony features like call recording, call logs, on-hold music, call queues, auto attendants, call transfers, call forwarding, caller ID, and more.

Yes, Nextiva has sales and support software made for businesses of all sizes.

Here are several notable features that are essential to working remotely:

  • Sales tools: Track every deal through your sales pipeline and grow your revenue. Equip your salesforce to close deals faster.
  • Service tools: Forge a deeper connection with customers and multiply your productivity with intelligent help desk tools that keep everyone on the same page.
  • Contact center: Handle a high volume of inbound and outbound calls over the phone, email, and social media with ease. Launch a cloud contact center in days, not months.

But that’s not all. The NextOS platform gets smarter the more you use it. Employees can see the full picture of the customer in real time. It anticipates customer needs based on their journey, experience, behaviors, and comparative insights.

No matter how you sell or assist customers, you can do it with Nextiva.

Nextiva was founded in 2006 on Amazing Service. That’s not a tagline — it’s our not-so-secret advantage no one else can beat. With $200M in backing by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, we’re tackling Connected Communications to bring customers value across communications and customer management.

From the personalized onboarding support to our engineers that maintain our scalable network, every customer benefits from our obsessive focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

Nextiva is so much more than a VoIP phone system. Nextiva was ahead of the curve by introducing its unified communications solution, NextOS, long before the UCaaS went mainstream.

It has become the ultimate business communications platform that brings teams and customers closer. It surfaces actionable customer intelligence to your employees and empowers them to work from anywhere.

Nextiva gives small businesses and enterprises a competitive advantage with virtual workspaces, video conferencing, mobile apps, and feature-rich cloud PBX — all in one system.

Over 100,000 companies rely on Nextiva for its rock-solid reliability. You get more than just a dial tone; you get peace of mind. Our 1,200+ team members are driven to provide you with the best customer service you won’t find anywhere else. In the past year, billions of conversations took place over our network.

U.S. News ranked Nextiva as the best business phone system two years in a row out of more than 20 VoIP providers. In addition, the technology review platform G2 noted that our communication platform was one of the easiest to use, making it an excellent fit for any business.

You probably recognize a few of our top customers: Pac-12, Taco Bell, Shelby American, Buffalo Bills, Conan, Barstool Sports, and DirectBuy.

Nextiva also caters to specialized small businesses. Examples include insurance agencies, healthcare providers, law firms, nonprofits, manufacturers, and many more.

You also don’t need to be technical to use Nextiva. Our experts will walk you through every step of the way so you can scale your business, not scan technical manuals.

(But, if you like to tinker with PBX systems, you’ll want to make us your SIP trunk provider. Our highly redundant business voice network has eight data centers throughout North America.)

No matter how or where you work, Nextiva helps you stay connected to customers and teams. From startups to global brands, we’ve got you covered.

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