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Nextiva is a trusted partner that solves real problems.

Nextiva is proud to serve small and large businesses from all over the United States in a variety of industries. Our goal is to make owning and running your business easier, less costly, and more profitable. We love hearing feedback from our customers, as it allows us to continuously improve our products and services.

“A lot of customers have complimented how clear we sound.”
Justin McClain - Duart Mull
"Nextiva customer service is outrageously good. Nextiva's at the top of the line."
Hal Ballew - HomeLoans, Inc.
“For the price that I was getting, I had to go with Nextiva. There was no competition.”
Josh Farzan - Farzan & Farzan
"It's a big impression when the call quality is clear and it's consistent."
Paul Hardin - Executive Director T.P.T.A
I’m saving thousands of dollars each year and I’ve been pleased with everyone I’ve spoken to.”
Marc Kay - 19th Avenue Dental Care
“You can take your phone and manage your business from anywhere!”
Ibrahim Barhumi - Beams Technology
"Nextiva came through big time for us."
John Lepore - John Lepore Insurance
“Nextiva’s representatives have been extremely knowledgeable. They quickly were able to identify our needs.”
Ryan Allen - Nella Insurance Services
“I can switch phone lines to go directly to my cell phone, and customers are always in touch with me.”
Abe Terefe - Abe GT & Associates
“The voicemail to email is fantastic, especially when you’re out of the office.”
Tiana DeLeo - Walters Dunn, PLLC
"Nextiva stood out from the pack. The transition was seamless."
Rahsaana Allen - Nella Law Group
"Nextiva's customer service is truly one of the company's greatest assets"
Joshua Davidson - The Law Offices of Joshua Davidson
"Nextiva responds very quickly and gives us the answers that we need."
Richard Janes - Fanology Social
“Nextiva has given us not only the flexibility we were looking for, but the quality.”
Ricardo Casas - Fahrenheit Marketing
“As we grow, we’re definitely going to continue using Nextiva and add new features.”
Arif Gangji - Neon Rain Interactive
Professional Services
“The quality connection that we get through Nextiva service enables us to create a first impression.”
Ben Sillins - The Blass Group
“We’re up to about 100 phones now, and the call quality is great.”
Joe Bunker - NDN
“It’s critical that we’re always able to be accessible. Nextiva has been the lifeline to our business.”
Ginger Wilson - LegalQuest, LLC
Real Estate / Property Management
"Nextiva has helped make my business more efficient, effective, and professional."
Jonathan Tratt - Tratt Properties
“Customer service has been great. Any problems that we’ve called with have been answered immediately.”
Jeremy Porter - Porter & Porter, LLC
“We have Nextiva lines throughout our building. Without them, we wouldn’t run as efficiently as we do.”
Mike Wieland - The LaSalle Private Residences
"The value from Nextiva is well worth it. I am floored by how receptive they are."
Ben Dabdin - Sentiments, Inc.
“We’re always amazed with how spirited and educated the support team is.”
Ely Alexander - Retrospec Bicycles
“With Nextiva, not only is the call quality amazing, but there are numerous features we use.”
Kam Javidzad - Apparel Candy

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"One thing that has impressed me about Nextiva is the customer service. Outsourcing customer service is something I can't stand and I think that most people would agree with me on that one. I just get frustrated when I speak with an outsourced representative. It makes me feel that the company that I am paying for service with just doesn't care for their customers."
Henry (Nashville VoIP blog)

"This is the first time I've ever used a system like this. The customer service has been fast and everything is working the way it should, thanks to their setup department."
Stefan Chraibi

"Operating our business using a traditional phone system was not practical, Nextiva offers a really elegant solution for linking remote teams that has solved some key challenges and really exceeded our expectations."
Ely Alexander (

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"As an attorney in the Internet space, I was a bit hesitant about VoIP and its reliability, but Nextiva changed my mind. Nextiva was easy to set up and its clarity is great. I'm recommending Nextiva to all my clients and colleagues."
Christopher Gonzalez (Perez Gonzalez, A Prof. Law Corp.)

"Nextiva's hosted phone system has made it simple to configure and manage the vast array of features and has been of great value for BuildZoom."
Brad Stephenson (

"Since establishing the concept that developing an iPhone app was the way to go, we needed a phone system because using our cell phones all day wasn't going to cut it. We have experience with startups, but this was our first iPhone app. The main thing we looked for when shopping for a phone provider was reliability. The last thing we want to occur is to be on the phone with Apple discussing development issues and then all of a sudden have our phone drop out. Since our app went live and a few weeks before the launch date, we were using the phones nonstop. I continue to use it without any drops and have also been fortunate enough to have a strong cable connection coming through at all times. Having the ability for our calls to ring to our cells when it's late in the evening or out of the office is also a cool thing. The whole setup and getting started was a piece of cake. Nothing was too intricate or over our heads, there was good support and a well designed interface. We got some good numbers that were easy to remember. I shouldn't take Nextiva for granted, since I just read that ooma had an outage for six hours on Monday. Getting our 2 lines running for 60 bucks a month is a heck of a deal. We are so happy with Nextiva that we did not charge them for an advertising spot in our game. We wanted to spread the word about them thru our iNetMania game. They've been helpful and great to work with. With price always an issue these days but reliability being the most critical thing, Nextiva has been the right choice."
Ben Fisher (

"Nextiva is an award winning managed phone service for companies that want the benefits of voip without the hassle of maintenance."
Garrett Smith (

"I found Nextiva by researching on the net and after receiving quotes as well as speaking with most phone companies, we chose them. We are a full service marketing agency and our phones are crucial for our success. I'm sure that every business needs their phones to work at all time, but the calls sounding good are only one piece of the pie. We also expect that the features work properly as well, such as the auto attendant. I did not want to lose my number when switching to Nextiva and I was very impressed on how efficiently they handled the entire porting process. All of my numbers, including my toll free, were transferred in about two weeks. Nextiva kept me informed on the entire process and spoke with my current phone company (a pain to work with). Having the auto attendant really helps in segmenting where the calls should go and I'm sure that most phone companies offer an auto attendant and these features but Nextiva works. For the cheap price making unlimited calls is a heck of a deal. The calls sound great and I'm using cordless phones via adapters."
Eli Natan (

"It is in my opinion that Nextiva is the best thing since slice bread. I am the President of a Recruiting firm with recruiters all over the US and they all work from home. Nextiva allows us all to have one, 800 contact number with different extensions, so we can maintain legitimacy and organization. Their customer service is second to none , they have always been helpful even when I have not been very kind. I really recommend that everyone with a business gets Nextiva, it is really the BEST thing since sliced bread in phone systems. It is also so affordable."
Afraz Wally Mohammed (

"I am a small business owner and switched to a voip solution recently and I could not be more happier!! The phone service is cost effective and I will never go back to a analog phone company that charges such high service fees and taxes! I am happy to be a voip customer with Nextiva, the sales person was very knowledgable and customer service took the time to get me set-up. I am able to conduct my business efficiently and effectively. Nextiva has been outstanding to work with and a great small business partner!"
Evangelina Levin (Levin Life Events)

"I've been a Farmers agent since '97 and was using AT&T for phones since this last August. Another agent I know was using Nextiva before I was and he was pleased with the service. I don't like to change things unless they are broken and AT&T was not broken, just expensive. But from his experienced I figured it would be a nice ride for myself as well and switched to them. I also took my numbers over to Nextiva. I purchased phones when I switched and the whole idea of doing this now makes sense. To be brief I can say that this was something I should have done earlier, but didn't because I wasn't aware of voip other than vonage. In less than a year with them, I say they rock."
Oscar D.

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"I first got started using Nextiva with their limited connect plan and it was a good fit at the time. I am a Realtor and was just starting when I signed up so I got one number from them and had all my incoming calls for the business ring the Nextiva line then forward off to my cell phone and office line. As time went on instead of using Qwest for the main phone line, I kept the number I had with Qwest and just switched the entire phone service from Qwest to Nextiva. The transition was easy and I tip my hat to their support staff. Instead of paying for the Nextiva plan and Qwest, I put everything together and Nextiva is all I use. I also did have them record the auto attendant greeting for me, which was free. For the type of business I have where I'm in the office half the day and the rest of the day I'm all over the city, it's been the ideal solution."
Brandon B. (AZ Realty)

"Nextiva Service is great! I actually have a real person that is my account rep! Where do you find that anywhere these days!? I'm a small business and it does not matter how small or large of a company you are, they make sure you are satisfied and treated with first class service. It is worth every penny. I have and will keep recommending Nextiva for a small business solution!!"
Andy Mikla (

"I am a mortgage broker and have been using Nextiva's Connect 360 service primarily to have my office calls ring to my cell phone. I cannot always be at my desk so it's very helpful that the calls forward immediately to my cell. Having this feature setup was not too tough, I called into their support line and the gentleman that assisted me was helpful.After signing up for the service, I received my phone number within seconds and the control panel interface was easy to navigate.I did watch the video tutorials as well as explored through their help center on their web site. It was nice to see that a member of the support team also called to thank me for choosing them. It was a quick call, but a wonderful touch. I have enjoyed having their pbx service."
Ezra K. (Lord Lending Group)

"I decided about a year ago that I wanted to embrace the latest technology and look into VOIP for my business needs. I looked at all the most popular providers available, and decided on a solution. Boy, did I make a mistake. The provider I went with was very expensive, and the service was less than adequate. It constantly was down, and they kept blaming the upstream carrier and downstream carrier. It was never their fault. All I wanted was a reliable phone system. I gave this provider more than one chance to redeem itself because I did not want to go to the trouble of training my staff on a new phone system. The initial set up and training was painful. However, after being down time and again I had no choice. Nextiva to the rescue!!! When it was time to switch providers I did not want to make a mistake a second time. I did my due dilligence on the best providers out there. From the initial consultation to implementation, I knew I made the right decision. My sales rep (Todd) was on top of everything I needed and felt my pain and anxiety changing services. My biggest fear was the day we went to do the conversion. I was expecting a huge process and issues that I was going to have to deal with. To my surprise, it was smooth and easy. Nextiva held our hands through the entire process. We were up and running in no time. It was absolutely unbelievable!!!! Furthermore, since we have been up and running, we have not lost 1 call. It's not normally like me to post user reviews but I wanted to get the word out that if you need a VOIP solution, Nextiva isTHE ONLY WAY TO GO. I have reccommended Nextiva to anyone who needs a good system. When phone service is your #1 source of doing business, you need a service/partner you can trust. My trust is with Nextiva. "
Steve Scher (

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"When Verizon abruptly cancelled its VoiceWing service, I was stumped. I figured I'd try to use Skype as an alternative. not a good idea. I started researching other VoIP services and came across Nextiva's inTALK. It's the perfect solution. Cost is highly competitive, it's easy to set up - everything about it has been terrific. My biggest shock is when I received a call to thank me for becoming a customer. The call came from a live person, who provided me with his name, and his phone number. When the 'box' arrived and I called with a simple question, on a weekend (typically off-hours for most providers), again a live person, gave me his number, and also gave me his phone number in the event that I needed any additional help. I would not think of considering any other residential VoIP solution. Nextiva's inTALK is absolutely the best."
Stuart Sadick

"The porting of our numbers was handled once we provided them with the paperwork. Shortly before we were told our numbers were going to transfer we went into their control panel and set up the service. We use eyebeam when outside of the office and adapters with uniden phones when we're in. Price was the reason we chose Nextiva, but the overall service has been great."
Charles Thompson (KDM Bikes)

"Set-up of the service was pretty simple and the help desk person who turned on my service was terrific. As a business customer I found the website very easy to use. The instructions y'all send are very easy to follow and so I haven't had any problems."
Margaret Marler

"I have had this service for the last two months and I love the voice quality and their customer service. One thing I should mention is that their sales process is completely hassle-free and their sales actually helped me customize solution to meet my needs. During the last two months, I had the opportunity to call their customer service department. Believe me, the representative spent one whole hour patiently fixing the problem that was actually caused on my end. If you are looking to replace your traditional phone line or replace your voice over ip service provider, try them - you won't regret it. I am writing this detailed review because that is how I myself came to learn about them, and I want to give back to this community."
Siraj M.

"I am an independent financial advisor with my office inside someone else's office. I started researching VoIP options and made a decision that I was going to go that route. I wanted to have a service that made me look like a company, not just a person answering a phone. I first tried a residential type service that worked nicely but did not have an answering attendant or any 'business' feel. Nextiva is by far the best one so far and the price is what I paid for the first service (the residential one). The service is great, music on hold, calling attendant, I made awesome recordings. I am excited about all the features that it offers. I download my call logs in Excel. It is an amazing difference from what I had before! After going through four phone ports and four services, Nextiva is the best! It was a lot of work but it is for sure worth it!"
Carlos B.

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"I am an Executive Assistant for a Fortune 500 company. My husband and I recently decided to relocate closer to family, and as a result, I am moving to a home-based office setting where I will continue supporting top executives and their teams and clients. My husband, who is in IT, offered to help me find a great phone solution for my new home office. He decided to go with Nextiva, and I'm so thankful he did. I had consulted other colleagues who are set up with home offices. Many of them use Vonage for VoIP or simply have a land line, and none of them are happy with their set-ups and try instead to make the best of it. Me? I'm thrilled with Nextiva. My set-up is professional and the quality is fantastic. My boss was very impressed with the sound quality when he called me from Guatemala. Also, the service Nextiva offers is top-notch. They are highly responsive and professional. Their tech support was knowledgeable about the hardware we purchased and within just a couple hours of signing up, I had received an email thanking me for my business and offering to help in any way possible. As an Executive Assistant, I spend a good amount of time on the phone. I make a lot of international calls, run conference calls, and transfer executives to one another. The features are perfect for me. If I need to run out on an errand, I can forward my calls to my cell, so I'm always available, which is critical for the executives I support. If I miss a forwarded call, I get an email on my smart phone with a .wav file so I can respond right away, wherever I am. I also feel good about the fact that I'm not submitting a high invoice each month to my company. It's a good, fiscally responsibly choice. All in all, I'm blown away by the features, the quality, and especially the service. What could have been a very scary and stressful transition from a corporate office environment to a home office has instead been a wonderful experience for me and those I support. I would strongly recommend Nextiva as a professional business solution, particularly to home-based users."
Haley Pereira

"It has been exactly one year since I began with Nextiva / InTalk VoIP service and I have had no problems, only excellent call quality, instant transmission over my high speed FIOS service, and voicemail that is clear and provides messages at the touch of a button. Customer Service with InTalk is second to none. This is one of three VoIP providers I am using and definitely will stay with InTalk. I recommend this service to anyone seeking good call quality, instant ringing, no dropped calls, excellent price and superior customer service."
Robert Jones

"I recently signed up for the service and can only say good things about it. I was happy with my old provider, but since business these days was slower than ever, I couldn't afford to pay that much money anymore. So after comparing the service with some other ones, the biggest point of attraction were the friendly people and the no-hassle sign-up process. After finally getting my phones, I plugged them into the internet box and assigned my employees in the control panel. A literally five-minute process to configure my five phones. I was able to start receiving and making calls right after that, and I was able to forward my number to a temporary phone number I received. I would recommend the service to everybody. They have been professional and helpful, and at the same time everybody remained so friendly and tried to go out of their way even after the sign-up process. Would recommend it to everybody. Great service that I never would have expected because of the low price."
Doug W.

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