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Twitter is a micro-blogging service that has revolutionized communication and the Internet. The website was established in 2006 and currently has over 200 million users. Users of twitter have their own profile page and are able to post messages on their profiles, also known as tweets, of up to 140 characters. Twitter enables people from all over the world, businesses and consumers, to chat and collaborate. Additionally, it has practically become a norm for businesses to have and maintain a Twitter profile page in order to communicate with their users. The following is a list of VoIP providers currently on twitter along with their respective user names:

@NEXTIVA – Joined Twitter on 10/29/08
@Skype – Joined Twitter on 03/27/07
@Vonage – Joined Twitter on 01/28/09
@jajah – Joined Twitter on 12/28/06
@PhonePower – Joined Twitter on 07/10/09
@ViaTalk – Joined Twitter on 11/11/08
@8×8 – Joined Twitter on 03/16/09
@aptela – Joined Twitter on 11/19/08
@Vocalocity – Joined Twitter on 12/10/08
@onsip – Joined Twitter on 10/30/08
@RingCentral – Joined Twitter on 06/22/09
@GetJive – Joined Twitter on 09/01/09

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