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What difference can an hour make?

It’s that time of year – time to spring forward and to set our clocks ahead one hour. Pushing an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening allows for long summer nights, but can also make for a sleepy Monday morning this coming workweek. Although the clock on your nightstand may have changed, your body’s internal clock may have not. Here are some tips to prepare for the time change without having to load up on an extra mug of java:

  • Take advantage of the weekend and begin adjusting your snoozing hours on Saturday or Sunday. Your sleep schedule is typically more flexible on the weekend so there’s no reason you have to wait til Monday to start acclimating to the new time.
  • Avoid long naps and opt for a power nap instead. Short, 20 minute naps tend to be more energizing than lengthy snooze fests.
  • Exercise early in the day to boost your energy and release serotonin. This will raise your heart rate in the morning so your body is more prepared for rest at nightfall.
  • Avoid sleep medications that can negatively impact the quality of sleep you’ll receive. Try to cue your body that it is bedtime by dimming the lights, reading a book and playing soft music.
  • Eat a light dinner an hour earlier than usual, avoiding alcohol and caffeinated drinks. This will help your body’s digestive cycle adjust so that you are comfortable when it is time to go to sleep.

No matter what method you decide to use to ensure you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday morning, don’t forget to “spring ahead” on March 10th!

Nextiva Customer Success Story: The Promoting Group

Last month, we took the time to meet and interview Nextiva enthusiast, Eli Natan of Promoting Group. Based in Los Angeles, Promoting Group is an interactive agency that creates online campaigns for businesses who want to drive leads and traffic to their website. Eli switched his company from a large traditional phone provider to Nextiva’s cloud-based phone systems and we were eager to hear how VoIP phone service has been able to help his business.

Promoting Group prides themselves on using cutting-edge technology and marketing strategies to deliver public relations and search engine optimization services to their clients. The team at Promoting Group found the need for a feature that would let them easily add extensions for their growing team of marketers and SEO professionals. We were happy to hear that after a quick call to Nextiva’s Amazing Service team, their employees were able to learn how to utilize the NextOS Portal to adjust their extension settings.

Because Promoting Group employees are in constant communication with their clients to ensure they are offering efficient and results-oriented service, the ability to transfer calls and reach international destinations is critical. We are ecstatic that they are so please with their service and look forward to providing Eli and his team with a smooth, clear connection and useful business features for many years to come. View our interview with Promoting Group, here:

Nextiva Customer Success Story: terés | A Nail Bar

Luxury nail bar terés offers customers across the country top quality service from the time they book an appointment until they leave the salon admiring their glammed-up nails. Salon guests can enjoy customized manicures, pedicures, wax treatments, and pampering scrubs from an elaborate menu by quickly calling their local terés and booking an appointment.

To support their goal of delivering guests with consistent and reliable service, terés selected Nextiva as the telephone service provider for their growing franchise. In addition to delivering terés with highly reliable service, Nextiva’s cloud-based communications service will be able to easily grow with their business as it expands across the country.

View our newest customer success video where terés owner, Courtney Steele, describes how they have come to rely on Nextiva as the lifeline of their business. The auto attendant feature has proven particularly beneficial to their salon as it routes incoming calls to the appropriate booking area, and the Nextiva Anywhere and call forwarding features have helped Courtney and her staff to stay accessible while on-the-go.


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