E-business Resource Guide

E-business Resource Guide

The Internet and the connectivity that it brings have changed business over the past ten years. Now with businesses and consumers relying on online activities to conduct business, no longer do retailers rely on storefront locations for sales of merchandise or services. Now just about all transactions that used to be done face-to-face can be done online.

The Internet has provided access not only to external users, but also internal users at companies throughout the world use e-business platforms for customer information, human resource needs, document storage and other purposes. Other e-business techno.ogy users are for VoIP, email, web conferencing, shopping, online marketing and a variety of other uses.

While e-business initiatives provide convenience for internal and external users, it also has concerns. Security of data which is being transmitted is a big issue with online users, companies need to ensure that any data and costumer information being transmitted be securely kept from external people who could use this data for identity theft and other criminal uses. For more information on e-business technology, please review the following information:

Internal e-business

External Communications


Security Concerns

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