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Nextiva Customer Success Story: Defy Gravity

We love visiting the businesses we serve and learning more about their business and how they use their phone system. On a recent trip to North Carolina, we had the pleasure of visiting Defy Gravity, an indoor trampoline park based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with other locations throughout the state. With 10,000 square feet of open jump space, a dodge ball court, basketball hoops, and foam pits, it is an exciting activity park that all ages enjoy. They recently added a ninja course featuring 13 obstacles that young and old can experience and conquer. The trampoline park also hosts a variety of parties and events, from birthdays to company team builders.

The company had previously tried another VoIP provider at their other locations, but was dissatisfied and frustrated with the customer service they received. When opening their Charlotte location, they knew they wanted to go with a different provider and did extensive research, which led them to Nextiva. From their first call with an Account Executive to setting up their system and making adjustments along the way, Nextiva’s team has been there for them every step of the way.

Delinda Hernandez, General Manager, told us about how the trampoline park uses Nextiva’s cloud phone service to communicate with customers and grow their business. Defy Gravity has received multiple benefits from switching to Nextiva, including:

  • Instant Updates: Changes to Defy Gravity’s phone system can be done with one phone call to Nextiva’s Amazing Support team. Also, Nextiva handles all maintenance and service upgrades to their phone system at no additional charge.
  • Reliable customer support: Nextiva’s support team is dedicated to resolving any issues that arise and will stay on the phone until they confirm that everything is working correctly.
  • Scales with business growth: Defy Gravity plans to add more parks in the future, and Nextiva’s cloud-based platform allows them to add users and additional locations to their Nextiva account in a matter of minutes.

Meet Delinda and hear her story in the video below: 


Call Forwarding: Route Your Calls However You’d Like

Mature business woman talking with mobile phone on urban outdoors.You’ve probably experienced this scenario before: you’re calling a business and their phone rings, and rings, and rings. This causes you frustration and valuable time is wasted. This business did not have an essential tool in their business communication arsenal—call forwarding.

While the concept of call forwarding is pretty straightforward and basic, it can revolutionize your business. Reduce your customers and colleagues frustration and wait times by automatically redirecting, or forwarding, calls to a third party destination, such as a phone number or extension based on circumstances you specify.

Do you want a call to forward to your cell phone if you don’t answer your desk phone after three rings? Do you want to forward all calls to a specific number after your business is closed for the day? If you answered yes, then your business needs call forwarding.

Benefits of Call Forwarding:

  • Reduce customer frustration and unnecessary waiting
  • Ensure important customer calls are being answered
  • Redirect calls based on circumstances you specify
  • Receive calls on a different device if you’re away from your desk
  • And more!

The call forwarding feature is included in all of our Nextiva Office plans and is easy to manage in our customer portal. You can set specific schedules, circumstances and forwarding rules based on your business needs. If you don’t already use Nextiva for your business communication needs, give us a call at (800) 799-0600 or visit to learn more. 

Unified Communications Services: What Does it Really Mean?

You may have heard the phrase “unified communications services” buzzing around lately. While many businesses have been adding communication features to their existing services to increase productivity and efficiency for some time, it is now more important than ever to have a unified communications solution for business growth and success.

What is unified communications?

Unified communications (UC) is the integration of real-time, enterprise, communication services such as voice (including VoIP), mobility features, audio, web and video conferencing, instant messaging, presence information, data sharing, call controls, and speech recognition.

There are other services within unified communications, but at its core, UC integrates a wide variety of communication tools to optimize business processes and increase user productivity. In short, it increases user efficiency and mobility so less time is wasted due to miscommunication and more effort can be channeled towards initiatives that lead to business growth and success.

Unified Communications is not a single product, but a collection of services that provides a consistent unified user-interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types. As technology progresses, new services are being added to the unified communications portfolio and they all have a single goal—to increase the efficiency of your business communication.

As Unified communication services have moved to the cloud, the cost of these services has been significantly reduced, making them more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Additionally, the move to the cloud allows users to access information and stay connected to customers and colleagues from anywhere.

How can unified communications help your business succeed?

In today’s hyper connected world, your customers no longer accept a 9-to-5 business environment. In order to meet your customers’ needs and communication preferences, you need to be available to them via a variety of communication channels including social media, email, live chat, phone, etc. Lucky for today’s businesses, unified communications are now more widely available at an affordable price than ever before. Keep reading for common UC use cases that can revolutionize your business communication.

Common use cases include:

  • A cloud-based business phone system can connect multiple locations and remote users, increase mobility with a mobile app, and you can manage your entire phone system from a web-based user interface.
  • Instant message colleagues in multiple offices for a seamless communication experience.
  • Live chat with customers regarding sales opportunities and support-related concerns.
  • It may seem basic, but email is a main channel of communication for employees and customers, and can now be integrated with your other communication channels.
  • Web and video conferencing enables you to take your conference calls to the next level. Share your screen or see those you’re communicating with face-to-face while eliminating the high cost of business travel.
  • Data backup and collaboration ensures you never lose an important file again. Also, you’re able to access your files from anywhere and share them with team members for easy collaboration on projects.
  • Speech recognition features can translate your voicemail messages to text that can be delivered via email or SMS based on the user’s preferences.

These are just a few ways unified communications can improve your business communication both internally and externally. To learn more about unified communications and the impact it can make on your business, please visit

Nextiva Introduces the Polycom UC Software 5.3 Release

Nextiva is very excited to introduce the Polycom UC Software 5.3 release, which is now available for all Polycom VVX series phones.

New Features

  • Call Recording Start/Stop & Pause/Resume soft key integration: This soft key integration gives you the ability to push a button on your phone to start/stop and pause/resume call recording while on a call.

    • Use Case: You may find this feature valuable if you need to collect sensitive customer data during a phone call, such as patient data, credit card details for payments or other personal information.

  • Acoustic Fence: This technology evaluates surrounding audio and performs noise cancellation during a call when using a handset or headset. This does require the user is within proximity of the phone.

    • Use Case: This feature is particularly helpful if you are in a busy office or call center environment or at a conference or video seminar where there is a considerable amount of background noise or activity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to reboot all of my Polycom phones?

A: This software release is available for Polycom VVX series phones and does not apply to other models. Therefore, only Polycom VVX series phones need to be rebooted when you are ready to apply the software update.


Q: If I don’t accept the update by rebooting now, will it be there whenever I’m ready or will there be a forced reboot at some point?

A: By default, your phone sends update requests to our network every 24 hours to see if there are new updates available. When this occurs, your device will download the new Polycom UC Software 5.3 and reboot.


Q: What Polycom devices support the Acoustic Fence technology?

A: This feature is now available on all Polycom VVX series phones and will automatically install when you download the new software.


Q: Will the update affect other features or softkeys that are programmed on our phones?

A: This update may eliminate redundant softkeys that already exist as hard keys on your phone. This update will not affect other features on the phone.


Q: Will the update affect any custom configuration files I have in place?

A: If there are any custom configuration files on the phone, the phone will not update to the new software.


Q: Does this update support Polycom’s expansion module?

A: Yes, this update will support any Polycom expansion module currently installed on the phone.

For more information on Polycom UC Software Version 5.3.0 and a full list of resolved issues, please refer to the Polycom release notes

The Nextiva Mobile App: The Death of the Desk Phone

6-18 Nextiva AppIn today’s hyperconnected world, your customers expect you to be available whenever they need to reach you. Today’s business environment moves at a rapid pace and you can’t afford to be disconnected from your customers or team members. In short, mobility is essential to your productivity and business success. Luckily for you, there are now communication tools available that can eliminate the stress of missing an important phone call. Cloud phone systems have quite a few features to help out today’s business professionals, but none are as essential to your business as a mobile app.

At Nextiva, we offer the Nextiva App that combines voice, video, instant messaging, and presence into a single application that you can access from your desk phone, computer, or mobile device. You no longer need to worry about giving out multiple phone numbers because you can be reached via your main business line at all times, no matter what device you are on. The Nextiva App gives your business the flexibility and freedom to take your business phone with you anywhere; you can even take that conference call from the beach and no one will know!

Business Benefits:

  • Stay connected on-the-go, 24/7
  • Transfer calls between devices
  • Manage your phone system from anywhere

Key Features:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Presence
  • Enterprise Directory
  • Voice Calling
  • Video Collaboration
  • Call Pulling
  • Cloud Sync
  • Chat Rooms
  • Call Controls

The Nextiva App is compatible with Nextiva Office plans and is supported in Windows, Mac OSC, iOS and Android platforms. It can be added to customer accounts, and a simple download from of the version you need, along with a quick call to our support team, will add the freedom and mobility of the Nextiva App to your business communications.

To learn more, visit our Nextiva App page or call (800) 799-0600. 

Call Recording: Why Your Business Needs It to Improve the Customer Experience

6-11 Call Recording smallDoes your company interact with customers over the phone, either by selling your product/service or providing support? If you’re like many businesses, a significant portion of the customer experience is conducted over the phone. If you’re not already recording your calls for training and quality assurance purposes, it’s a good idea to implement call recording with your phone service.

Recording calls is valuable for training purposes, coaching team members on the best way to handle customer questions and concerns, and identifying areas of opportunity that can improve the customer experience. While we would all love for our customers and employees to be happy 100% of the time, the reality is people are human and make mistakes—both employees and customers. By recording your phone calls, you have a record of these interactions that you can reference. Think of these recordings like your business safety blanket.

In the past, utilizing a call recording service for your business phone service was expensive and complicated, but cloud phone systems, such as Nextiva, have changed the game. Cloud phone systems have simplified the process and dramatically reduced the price—a win-win situation for businesses. If you’re a current Nextiva customer interested in utilizing this feature, it can be easily added to all of our Nextiva Office plans for a small monthly fee.

Also, with a cloud phone system you have more control over when your calls are recorded. Below are the recording modes available to you:

  • Always: automatically record all your calls in their entirety
  • Always with Pause/Resume: To automatically record all your calls with the ability to pause and restart recording during the call
  • On Demand: Record selected calls
  • On Demand with User Initiated Start: This mode differs from all of the other modes in that the recording of the call is not started until you record the call. Once the call is being recorded, the pause/resume and stop functionality become available

Nextiva keeps all of your call recordings for six months in your dedicated call recording portal. If you’d like to save a message to ensure it is not purged, simply download the .wav file or store it in a cloud storage system such as Nextiva Drive.

An important thing to note, if you plan to take advantage of the benefits of call recording for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are adhere to the law and properly notifying your customers. Many states require that you notify a customer when a call is being recorded, with a friendly reminder such as, “To ensure Amazing Service, this call may be recorded,” so make sure to check the call recording laws in your area. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

If you’d like to learn more about Call Recording and our business cloud phone service, give us a call at (800) 799-0600 or visit, and we’d be happy to discuss the benefits to your business in more detail.

Never Listen to a Voicemail Again with Voicemail-to-Text

Businessman With a Mobile Phone on the StreetHow diligent are you about checking your voicemails? Does the flashing light on your desk phone cause you anxiety? Wouldn’t it be nice to read through your voicemails rather than listening to the entire message, only to realize you missed a few digits of the caller’s number?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.

Cloud phone systems have allowed you to forward your voicemails to your email as an audio file for a while, and although this makes checking your voicemails more convenient, it doesn’t solve the issue of having to listen to a message multiple times to gather all of the important information. Luckily, your voicemail prayers have been answered.

With Nextiva’s Voicemail-to-Text feature you can not only have your voicemails emailed to you, but now you can have them transcribed as well. Prefer to get your voicemails as a text message? Just select that setting.

Voicemail transcription will save you valuable time, while increasing your productivity and efficiency—the combo every busy business owner and professionals strives for. Gone are the days of listening to a voicemail five times to get the full call back number. Now you’ll have all of the information transcribed for you in a text format for easy referencing.

Voicemail-to-Text highlights:

  • Speech recognition transcribes voicemails to text
  • Easily reference information from voicemails for future use
  • Receive voicemails via email or SMS

Interested? The Voicemail-to-Text feature can be added to any Nextiva Office plan for an additional fee per line. Give us a call at (800) 799-0600 or visit for more information.  

Traditional vs. Cloud Phone Service: Everything You Need to Know

You know you need a new business phone service, but where should you start your search? There are so many options available in the market today that it can be overwhelming. As a starting point, it is important to learn the difference between a traditional phone system, often referred to as analog or on-premise, and a cloud phone system, also known as a hosted or VoIP phone systems.

traditional to cloud

Technology is rapidly evolving. Can you imagine life without your computer, cellphone or email? These things have made life easier in many ways, and your phone system should do the same for your business.  There are endless benefits to using a cloud phone system for your business communications, but we’ll focus on the top four.

1. Price

Piggy BankKnowing the total cost of ownership of each system is essential to truly understanding how much it will really cost your business. Traditional systems have many costs associated with them that you may not even think of because they don’t appear on your monthly invoice.

Traditional phone system costs include:

  • Cost of an IT person on staff or contract
  • Service fees
  • Maintenance fees
  • Long distance charges

With a cloud phone system, you get:

  • Flat monthly fee per user
  • No additional service or maintenance fees
  • No IT staff needed on site to fix an issue
  • Always have the latest technology

The price on your invoice rarely tells the whole story. You need to evaluate the total cost of each phone system. Also, remember to factor in lost revenue when your system is down. With a traditional system, you often have to schedule an on-site maintenance visit that may be days away. With a cloud phone system, you only need to call in to your provider’s support team and they can generally resolve the issue you’re experiencing in one phone call.

2. Reliability & Security

You need a reliable phone system so customers and team members can get ahold of you. This goes back to lost revenue mentioned above. With a traditional phone system, if a natural disaster or power outage occurred your phone system would go down. This would not happen with a cloud phone system. You can set up your service to automatically forward all calls to an external number or mobile device so your customers can still get in touch with you and you don’t experience any downtime.

But what if your Internet goes down? Just like the example above for a power outage or natural disaster, you can set the number(s) you’d like your calls to forward to when the system detects a lost signal. Also, if an incident occurs and you need to communicate a specific message to your customers, you can quickly swap out your Auto Attendant greetings in your online account portal. A cloud phone system enables you to have a back up plan no matter the circumstances.

3. Mobility

Mobility ImageMobility is more than being able to make and receive calls from multiple locations. In today’s business environments, customers expect to be able to reach you at all times of the day. With an analog phone system, you need to be in the office, using a desktop or cordless phone to make and receive phone calls. A cloud phone system provides you with a variety of mobility features that allow you to conduct business no matter where you are.

Additional mobility benefits of a cloud phone system: 

  • A mobile app, such as the Nextiva App allows you to use your cell phone or other mobile device like your desk phone. You can also take advantage of additional features like video conferencing, presence, chat and instant messaging capabilities, etc. to increase your team’s productivity and efficiency.
  • Call continuity allows you to start a call on your desk phone and transfer it to your mobile device without interrupting the current call. The person on the other end will never know you are no longer sitting at your desk.
  • Eliminate the need to give customers multiple phone numbers because you can receive calls made to your office number on multiple devices.

4. Scalability

scalabilityYour business is constantly changing and evolving. You may be growing, adding more employees and locations, or maybe it’s a slow time of year for your business and you’re temporarily downsizing.

With a traditional phone system:

  • It would require a significant amount of time from your IT staff or consultant to add or remove these lines of service.
  • Your system would need to be reconfigured and you may even need to run more wiring.

With a cloud phone system:

  • You can add lines or put lines on hold in seconds in your online portal.
  • You can easily connect remote workers and multiple office locations by updating call routing features.
  • Integrate with 3rd-party applications such as your CRM, Outlook, calendar, etc.

As you can see, there are many reasons a cloud phone system will benefit your business. We’ve only scratched the surface in this article, and there are many more benefits including advanced features such as Voicemail to Email, Auto Attendants and Shared Call Appearance, that provide your business with a new level of flexibility you can’t experience with a traditional phone system.

Cloud phone systems will be the standard for business communication in a few short years, but get ahead now and solidify your place as the leader in your market.

To learn more about how a cloud phone system will revolutionize your business communication and save you money, visit

Go Mobile and Break Free From the Shackles of Your Desk Phone

Mobility ImageWhat is mobility? In today’s business environment, mobility leverages the latest cloud communication technology to enable workers to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Mobility is more than being able to make and receive calls from multiple locations. It’s using mobile devices to work anywhere and access company information, social media, web conferencing, note taking, virtual office on the go, and much more. Additionally, it helps companies improve team productivity, decrease costs, increase revenue, improve service and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

So you know your business can benefit from being more mobile—now what?  Start by moving your phone system to the cloud. Implementing a cloud phone system, also known as a hosted or VoIP phone system, provides you with endless benefits that go far beyond saving your business money.

Go mobile and….

Maximize Productivity

  • Employees no longer need to be sitting at a desk to make and receive calls from their office number.
  • More effective collaboration within your business through improved internal communication.
  • Start a call at your desk and transfer it to your mobile device via an app during the call. The person on the other line will never know you are no longer at your desk.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Respond to customer calls and queries wherever you may be.
  • Advanced call routing ensures customers are connected to the proper department or individual to reduce waiting time and multiple transfers.

Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce travel time through mobile conference technology.
  • Eliminate the need to give out multiple phone numbers to customers.

Manage Tasks

  • New mobile technologies integrate with office tasks so employees can manage their calendar, alerts, connections, etc.  

Create a Flexible Work Environment

  • Employees can essentially work from anywhere they have an Internet connection.
  • Empower them to work from home or elsewhere depending on their schedule and needs.

In today’s fast-paced and connected environment, customers expect to be able to reach you at all hours of the day. Moving your phone system to the cloud allows you to meet your customers’ needs while improving their experience with your business, ultimately building a loyal customer base that advocates for your business.

To learn more about Nextiva’s cloud phone system, visit

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