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Yaniv Masjedi joined Nextiva in 2008 and currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing, focusing on marketing strategies and customer success. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA.

Best Practices: Buying a Business Phone System

Your company is looking to buy a new phone system and you aren’t sure where to start. I recently wrote about how to choose an online vendor for The Huffington Post, and will incorporate those tips (and add more) in this piece to help business executives looking to switch to a modern business phone service. [...]

Did you know…? Nextiva Launches NextOS™ for Small and Midsize Businesses

Nextiva NextOS™ Did you know that Nextiva upgraded our unified communications platform? We recently launched NextOS, a technology infrastructure that supports more than five million businesses and 20 million consumers around the globe. While Nextiva serves small and midsize companies in the United States, it’s great to know that we’re in the company of 18 [...]

Amazing Service Makes Nextiva Special

Amazing Service is more than just two words. Amazing Services defines Nextiva. Whether it’s working with colleagues at Nextiva or with our customers throughout the country, our goal is to be amazing. There is no definition for Amazing Service, it can mean different things to different people. However we do know that in order to [...]

New Polycom Pricing

Polycom manufacturers some of the best business VoIP phones on the market, especially when one considers quality and innovation. Not much compares with Polycom. We are excited to announce our lowest pricing in company history on Polycom’s most popular business VoIP phones, the Polycom IP 331 and the Polycom 550. The Polycom 331 is now [...]

Nextiva Wins 2011 Product of the Year Award

TMC, a media company providing news and articles for the communications and technology industries, has awarded Nextiva with the 2011 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award. This is Nextiva’s second consecutive year receiving this award and a testament to Nextiva’s commitment to Amazing Service and innovation. To learn more about Nextiva Office, the unified [...]

USF Fee For Q2 2012

Remember the days when the USF quarterly rate was below 4%? We’d have to go back to the fourth quarter of 1999 when the USF rate was below 4%. Nowadays it’s above 17% with no signs of decreasing. The Universal Service Fund is managed by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). USAC is a non-profit [...]

Create REAL Content

When building and managing a website, it’s imperative you create quality (REAL) content. Writing for the sake of writing won’t get you far. Your articles and web pages should be user focused. When you work to please the user, everything else (in good terms) will follow. You’ll find success in click-through-rates, leads, sales, and search [...]

Nextiva Extends CarbonFree Partnership

For the fourth straight year Nextiva has continued its partnership with and their CarbonFree® program. While Nextiva regularly promotes and participates in Green office programs, the CarbonFree initiative (which Nextiva started in 2009) was one of Nextiva’s first environmentally-conscious programs. While Nextiva strives to emit the least amount of CO2 as possible, we can’t [...]

Password Security

As a Nextiva client you can add employees, update department settings, change your voicemail greeting, and update many other elements of your phone system online (via the Office Manager control panel). At Nextiva we take security seriously and recognize the importance of your phone system. An unwanted person accessing your control panel can be detrimental [...]

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