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Changes Coming to Nextiva Invoices

As a service provider in the regulated VoIP industry, Nextiva is required to collect federal, state and local government taxes, surcharges and fees. These taxes and fees are location and usage based and will now be itemized on Nextiva invoices. Monthly invoices, beginning this month, will include the following sections: Subscription Plan Fee – Product […]

NextOS Enhancements – What to Expect in Your Business Communications

Nextiva is excited to announce the upcoming enhancements to the NextOS system. In the coming months, we will introduce several new features for Nextiva Office products as well as Call Center. We know these enhancements will help make your business even more efficient and productive. Here are the highlights Nextiva Office We are improving the […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Trade Show Marketing

It's no secret that trade show events are quite costly. In fact, they can quickly command 20-30% of your marketing budget with just a few events each year. So, it pays to do it right. DO capture leads in volume. Time is money. The number of hours the tradeshow floor is open is limited and attendees have […]

3 Ways to Prepare for a Trade Show

When we plan events as part of our marketing strategy, there typically 2 primary goals: lead generation and brand awareness, with leads being the most important. There are, of course other reasons to exhibit and sponsor events, such as partner relationship development, meeting with multiple current customers in one location, and even hiring new employees. […]

Business VoIP FAQ’s

According to a study by Forrester Consulting, 40 percent of all firms surveyed expressed an interest in better voice services, such as VoIP, that are beyond core telecommunications services. This interest is being driven by compelling business advantages of VoIP. Many believe that VoIP will soon replace land-line phones entirely. And we thought you’d be interested in […]

Nextiva Receptionist™ Delivers “Big Business” Customer Service

Feature Spotlight: Nextiva Receptionist™ Many small and midsize businesses strive to provide “big business” type customer service but don’t have the staff or resources to do so. The Nextiva Receptionist gives you the ability to streamline your incoming calls and gives your company’s first point of contact a complete view of who is on the […]

Nextiva Anywhere™ Keeps Your Business Connected

Feature Spotlight: Nextiva Anywhere™ Nextiva Anywhere is one of the coolest new features of the new Nextiva business VoIP phone service. It allows you to use one or more locations, and devices, as extensions of your business phone. You can take your calls in the office, on your mobile device or from your soft phone […]

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