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Nextiva is a small business communications provider, our headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are simplifying the way businesses communicate. This page has been created to provide you with more information about Nextiva. It includes product information, business hours, headquarters address, awards, and contact information:

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Nextiva Homepage

If you wish to call Nextiva, please dial: 800-983-4289

If you wish to email Nextiva, send a message to: Support@Nextiva.com

If you wish to visit Nextiva, drive/fly/walk to: 8800 E Chaparral Road Suite 300 Scottsdale, AZ 85250

If for some reason you don't know how to use Google Maps…Here's a satellite image of our office location.

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Nextiva is social. You can check Nextiva out on: twitter, foursquare, facebook, and LinkedIn.

FYI – We love getting feedback. Good and Bad, we want to hear what you think about our service. It's user feedback that improves our operations and makes everyone happy. Whether you have Nextiva complaints or praise, we want to hear it. Send a message to support at nextiva.com.

Business Communications Awards Received:

2007 – Top Business VoIP Provider (MyVoIPProvider.com)
2007 – Best VoIP Provider (WhichVoIP.com)
2008 – Product of the Year (Internet Telephony Magazine)
2008 – #1 Business VoIP Provider (VoIPReview.org)
2008 – Top VoIP Provider (TheDigest.com)
2008 – Best Business VoIP Company (SearchForVoIP.com)
2008 – VoIP Provider of the Year (WhichVoIP.com)
2008 – #1 VoIP Provider (VoiceReports.com)
2008 – Top Business VoIP Provider (MyVoIPProvider.com)
2008 – Product of the Year (Unified Communications Magazine)
2009 – #1 Internet Fax Provider (Consumer-Rankings.com)
2009 – #1 Business VoIP Provider (VoIPReview.org)
2009 – Top VoIP Provider (TheDigest.com)
2009 – Best VoIP Provider (WhichVoIP.com)
2009 – Product of the Year (Internet Telephony Magazine)
2009 – #1 VoIP Provider (VoiceReports.com)
2009 – Top 10 Hosted VoIP Provider (Tippit)
2009 – Best Business VoIP Company (SearchForVoIP.com)
2009 – Top Rated VoIP Service Provider (CompareVoIP.com)
2009 – Top Business VoIP Provider (MyVoIPProvider.com)
2009 – Best Customer Service (WhichVoIP.com)
2009 – Product of the Year (Unified Communications Magazine)
2010 – Top VoIP Provider (VoIPReview.org)
2010 – #1 Online Fax Service (WhichFax.com)
2010 – Product of the Year (Internet Telephony Magazine)
2010 – Best Business VoIP Company (SearchForVoIP.com)
2010 – Top 5 Internet Fax (FaxCritics.com)
2010 – #1 VoIP Provider (VoiceReports.com)
2010 – Product of the Year (Unified Communications Magazine)
2011 – #1 Online Fax Provider (FaxCritics.com)
2011 – Best VoIP Service Provider (BestVoIPServiceProvider.com)
2011 – #1 Rated VoIP Provider (VoIPReview.org)
2011 – Top Business VoIP Service (WhichVoIP.com)
2011 – Best User Experience (TheDigest.com)
2011 – #1 SIP Trunking Service (VoIP-Info.org)
2011 – Top 5 VoIP For Business (MyVoIPProvider.com)
2011 – #1 VoIP Provider (VoiceReports.com)
2011 – Best Electronic Fax (WhichFax.com)
2011 – #1 Business VoIP Provider (NextAdvisor.com)
2011 – Product of the Year (Internet Telephony Magazine)
2011 – Best Places to Work (Phoenix Business Journal)
If you'd like to learn more about Nextiva and it's satisfied customers, please visit the Nextiva Reviews section.



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