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What is vFAX?

Nextiva vFAX is the smartest, simplest thing you can do for your business. It's eco-friendly, affordable, and you never have to worry if you've missed an important fax. Plus, the service is easy-to-use and offers great flexibility, and all you need is Internet access – it's that simple!

vFAX is an online fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes using your email, mobile phone, Microsoft Office, the Nextiva vFAX online portal, or if you prefer – your fax machine (supported by our Fax Bridge Adapter). And, you don't have to worry about paper jams, system errors or busy signals. So you'll never miss an important fax.

vFAX features include:

Amazing Savings
Save up to 80% compared to your existing fax service. Our vFAX service starts at $4.95/month for up to 500 pages of faxes a month. Need more faxes? We have you covered. Nextiva offers multiple service plans to meet the needs of your business.

Send & Receive by Email
Send and receive faxes from anywhere with Internet access. Fax from your cell phone, home, office – the choice is yours.

Send & Receive by Fax Machine
Nextiva is one of the only providers that allow you to keep your current fax machine. You will retain the ability to send paper-based faxes while being able to utilize our web-based fax services with the purchase of Nextiva's Fax Bridge adapter (Please call for details and pricing). Plug your regular fax machine into our adapter and voila! Now your fax machine works through the digital Nextiva vFAX service. Best of all, we will still store a digital copy of your faxes so they can be retrieved from anywhere.

Send & Receive from Microsoft© Applications
Simply click "Print" from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft applications, and you'll be able to select vFAX as an option to send your documents directly to your destination.

Send & Receive by Cell Phone
You can send, receive and retrieve faxes by using a email client on your cell phone.

No More Busy Signals
Nextiva's online fax service will continue to resend faxes to the recipient until it goes through. We send you a confirmation once your fax reaches its destination. Also, people sending faxes to you will never hear a busy signal, a feature not available via analog fax systems.

How does it work?

You have a custom online portal from which you control everything. You can opt to send and receive faxes from this portal, or you can use your email by typing in the target fax and hitting send. It's that easy!

For more information on Nextiva vFAX, click here.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

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