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How to Set Up: A 3-way Conference Call on a Cisco Phone

  1. During an active call press the CNF soft key on the display screen. The active call will be placed on hold and a second line will be activated with a dial tone.
  2. Dial the second party’s phone number.
  3. Once the second party answers, press the CONF soft key again. All parties will be connected on the call.
  4. Once you hang up, the other parties will be disconnected, as well.

You can also conference a call on hold to an ACTIVE call:

  1. With an active call and one or more calls on hold, you can create a conference call between the 2 calls.
  2. Press the CONFX soft key during an active call.
  3. If you have only one call on hold, the conference call is connected between the active call and the call on hold.
  4. If you have multiple calls on hold, choose between the calls on hold you want to conference together by pressing that line button of the call on hold.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to transfer a call on a Cisco SPA Phone

Once you are on an active call you have two options of transferring the call.  You can perform either a warm transfer or a blind transfer.

Warm Transfer:

A warm transfer allows you to talk to the person who will be receiving the transfer.  This way you can ensure the person receiving the transfer is available and ready for the call.

  • You can perform a warm transfer by pressing the button on the phone that corresponds to the word xfer displayed near the bottom of the screen while on an active call. *Don’t put calls on hold, just press xfer.
  • Once you have pressed xfer, you will need to input the extension or number of the person you will be transferring the call to and press dial.
  • When performing a warm transfer, you are required to wait until the receiving party answers the call.  Once you are connected to the receiving party, you can press the xfer button one more time to complete the transfer.

Blind Transfer:

A blind transfer allows you to send a call to an alternate extension or phone number without waiting for an answer or confirming the availability of the receiving party.

  • You can perform a blind transfer by pressing the right arrow on the directional arrow pad, then pressing the button on the phone that corresponds to the word bxfer displayed near the bottom of the screen while on an active call. *Don’t put calls on hold, just press bxfer.
  • Once you have pressed bxfer, you will need to input the extension or number of the person you are transferring the call to and press dial.
  • This will immediately remove the call from your phone and send it to the extension or number dialed.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

Can I transfer my existing number(s) to my vFAX account?

Yes. As a Nextiva customer, you can port your existing phone number(s) to Nextiva just as you would with our hosted or SIP Trunking offerings.

If you wish to port your existing business telephone number to Nextiva vFAX, please email with a request to port you numbers. From there, we will check number eligibility and reply within 24 to 48 hours and include any applicable forms to fill out and return to us.

How can I transfer my fax number to Nextiva vFAX?

It may be possible for Nextiva vFAX to port your existing fax number from your current provider to our service.

We can check to see if your fax number is portable to Nextiva (to check portability, email

If your number is eligible to be transferred to Nextiva, we will send you an LOA (Letter of Agency) to complete and return to our porting department.

We can port local & toll-free numbers to Nextiva.

*Porting is the process of moving your fax number from one provider to another. While the process may take up to a few weeks, the steps that need to be taken are relatively few.

Here are the porting steps:

  1. Send an email to identifying yourself by the Nextiva account number or a fax number on your account. Include the numbers you wish to port into Nextiva vFAX, along with the name of your Previous Carrier.
  2. Nextiva will identify, based on the information submitted into our porting department via step 1, which Nextiva carrier will hold the number once it’s ported in (XO, Broadvox, etc.) and send you the paperwork corresponding to that carrier. The porting department will also need a copy of your bill from the previous provider and will request that you send that to us, along with the completed paperwork.
  3. Fill out all paperwork sent to you by Nextiva's porting department, and fax/email it back, along with a copy of your bill with the carrier currently holding the number. As soon as Nextiva receives this paperwork, the porting department will put a request into your previous carrier to release the number and submit all required paperwork. Provided that all required paperwork is submitted, the carrier will process the request and send us back an FOC Date, or Firm Order Completion date. This will be the day when the port will take place. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete, and you are required to keep service with us and the previous carrier during the porting process.
  4. A few days before the FOC date, Nextiva will add the fax number to your account. Even though Nextiva doesn’t control the number yet, this makes it possible to assign the number before porting, which helps eliminate downtime on the day the port happens. If this is not done, when the previous carrier releases the number and Nextiva captures it, it will not be assigned anywhere and will not work until it is.
  5. Once all desired numbers have been ported into Nextiva vFAX, the account with the previous provider may be closed.

NOTE: It is important that the account stay open until all desired numbers are ported to Nextiva vFAX because the previous carrier won’t release the number if there is a pending balance on the account, or if the account is closed. It must be a working account with no debt for the port to be approved. Nextiva doesn’t have the ability to cancel a customer’s account with previous providers.

For more information about Nextiva porting, please contact our Amazing Service team at 800-285-7995 from 5:00am – 6:00pm AZ time Monday-Friday, or Saturday from 9:00am – 1:00pm AZ time. Or, simply fax us at 866-564-9150 or email us at



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