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How to Set Up Auto Attendant

Auto attendants allow companies to have automated a receptionist that provides a personalized message and routes callers to the correct person or group of people. Callers have the ability to connect to an operator, access a dial-by-name directory, direct dial an extension or connect to a specific department. Nextiva allows customers to have multiple auto-attendants

How to setup from portal: 

1.     Log into your Nextiva portal by visiting and clicking on the Customer Login found at the top right. You must be in the admin’s account in order to create an auto attendant.

2.     When you login with the  admin credentials, it will pull up the NextOS portal, from here click Sites and Employees. Find the site you would like to add the auto attendant and click Login under the corresponding admin login.

3.     Now on the left-hand side select Services, then select Auto Attendant, one on this page select Add. On this page you will be required to fill out: auto attendant ID, name of auto attendant, first and last name you calling line ID. Make sure that you have selected the correct time zone as well as the Business Hours schedule that you would like to have for this auto attendant. You have a variety of additional options, most customers stay with the default options with the exception of the Name Dialing Entries, the alternative choice is preferred.

4.      After selecting OK, you will be taken to the Business Hours Menu. On this page you will be able to upload a personal greeting and set up your transfer options for your customers. The Key will correspond to the number your customers will select and the Action will be the result of that selection. For example key 0 you may select Transfer to operator, and type in the operators extension number in the Phone Number box that should now appear.

5.     Once you have set up all of your routing selections press OK.  This will take you to the After Hours Menu, here you should make few options as most of your employees will not be in the office. This might be a great opportunity to have one of the options transfer to the company Voicemail. To do this choice a number, label it Voicemail in the description and select Transfer without prompt. Within the Phone Number box type *55100, this is the option you should also use for the operator.

How to Set Up Nextiva Anywhere Group level

Nextiva Anywhere allows you to make and receive calls from any device, at any location, with only one phone number, one dial plan, one voice mailbox, and unified set of features.This will allow you to move seamlessly to and from the devices you choice for this feature. You can now leave the office without leaving your business behind. 

Steps to Set Up Nextiva Anywhere in Group Level

  1. In the NextOS Portal, click into the Group level. Select Services under Advance Settings and select Nextiva Anywhere.
  2. Under addresses, assign a main telephone number. This will be the number you dial when using Nextiva Anywhere.
  3.  Fill in the required criteria. For your Anywhere ID, use  @  prod



Steps to Set Up Nextiva Anywhere in Group Level

  1. In the NextOS Portal, select which user you would like to set up. Once the user is selected, click Services under Advance Settings and select Nextiva Anywhere.
  2.  Fill in the requested criteria and press OK.

Once you have completed these steps, call your main Nextiva Anywhere number from the device you selected.

  • You will be prompted to “Please enter the number from which you are calling, followed by the # Key.”
  • Then you will be prompted to please enter your pass code followed by the # key. Your pass code will be you 4-digit voice mail pass code.
  • Then you will be prompted to enter the destination digits. You will hear a dial tone.
  • Once you entered the number you want to dial, the call will connect and it will appear as though you are dialing from your Nextiva VoIP phone. The Caller ID will also show the same as your Nextiva VoIP.

If Nextiva is set up properly, when you receive an inbound call on your Nextiva VoIP phone it will ring your Nextiva Anywhere phone simultaneously.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to Set Up: Group Paging

Group Paging enables a user to page group of users by dialing a paging group number or extension. This feature acts like a group intercom. Every member that was added to the Group Paging set up will be able to receive the intercom function over there phone’s speaker. (Users will not be able to receive intercom functionality while they are on a call).

Setting up Group Paging:

  • Go to the Group level in the NextOS panel, select Services
  • Under the Advance Settings, select Group Paging
  • Under Addresses you will need to assign a main telephone number or extension.
  • This will be the number/extension you dial in order to page using Group Paging

Fill in all of the required criteria. Make sure that your Paging Group ID is

  • After setting up your Group Paging, click on the group you just created.
  • You will want to first set up originators. This is the person or person that will be able initiate the Group Page.
  • Select the Originators tab. You will be able to move all or specific users as an originator.
  • Press OK when complete

After setting the originators, you will want to set up your targets. Targets are the users that will be able to receive the Group Page.

  • Select the Targets tab. You will be able to move all or specific users as Targets.
  • Press OK when completed

Once completed, the originators will be able to dial the main number selected or extension selected and establish a groups page to all targets selected.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

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