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How to Set Up Auto Attendant

Auto attendants allow companies to have automated a receptionist that provides a personalized message and routes callers to the correct person or group of people. Callers have the ability to connect to an operator, access a dial-by-name directory, direct dial an extension or connect to a specific department. Nextiva allows customers to have multiple auto-attendants

How to setup from portal: 

1.     Log into your Nextiva portal by visiting and clicking on the Customer Login found at the top right. You must be in the admin’s account in order to create an auto attendant.

2.     When you login with the  admin credentials, it will pull up the NextOS portal, from here click Sites and Employees. Find the site you would like to add the auto attendant and click Login under the corresponding admin login.

3.     Now on the left-hand side select Services, then select Auto Attendant, one on this page select Add. On this page you will be required to fill out: auto attendant ID, name of auto attendant, first and last name you calling line ID. Make sure that you have selected the correct time zone as well as the Business Hours schedule that you would like to have for this auto attendant. You have a variety of additional options, most customers stay with the default options with the exception of the Name Dialing Entries, the alternative choice is preferred.

4.      After selecting OK, you will be taken to the Business Hours Menu. On this page you will be able to upload a personal greeting and set up your transfer options for your customers. The Key will correspond to the number your customers will select and the Action will be the result of that selection. For example key 0 you may select Transfer to operator, and type in the operators extension number in the Phone Number box that should now appear.

5.     Once you have set up all of your routing selections press OK.  This will take you to the After Hours Menu, here you should make few options as most of your employees will not be in the office. This might be a great opportunity to have one of the options transfer to the company Voicemail. To do this choice a number, label it Voicemail in the description and select Transfer without prompt. Within the Phone Number box type *55100, this is the option you should also use for the operator.

How to Set Up: Call Me Now

Call Me Now allows a client to enter their phone number on your website and be immediately connected to your company. After they enter their phone number, Nextiva will place a call to their phone and when they answer it will ring through to the Nextiva line this feature is connected to.

Enabling Call Me Now

  1. Login to the user’s personal web portal or the service you wish to have Call Me Now setup to
  2. Click on Incoming Calls under Options
  3. Click on Call Me Now under Advanced
  4. Click Add
  5. Put in a description for this Call Me Now section
  6. Select the Do not reject call radio button
  7. If desired set a time schedule, see Schedules
  8. Click OK
  9. Back at the main Call Me Now screen, set Call Me Now to On and set Answer Confirmation to None

Setup the Call Me Now link

  1. Go to Call Me Now Setup
  2. Enter the user ID for the user with at the end
  3. Click Generate to create the link to embed in a website
  4. The code can then be copied and pasted into a website to allow Call Me Now


Nextiva cannot provide support for any API commands or setup but provides this as a starting place to setup Call Me Now integration into your website.

There is a call me now API command that will allow a web developer to integrate the Call Me Now into your website. The following must be sent as POST to our server with USERID and NUMBER replaced with the User ID (including of the account that Call Me Now is connected to and NUMBER replaced with the number the Call Me Now should connect to.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

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