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Hunt group tutorial

How to Set Up: Hunt Groups

This feature allows for you to have a single or multiple numbers ring to multiple users in your account. This can be setup to ring each phone at the same time or in a specific order. This feature is perfect for a company that either needs multiple people to answer your phone calls or for calls to roll over to other users if for example your receptionist is busy.  

How to setup from the portal: 

1.Log into your Nextiva portal by visiting and clicking on the Customer Login found at the top right. After that you will want to click on Sites and employees on the left side. From this new page click on Admin login.

2.Once logged in to your admin panel, click on services on the left side of the page. Under the basic side of the page click on Hunt Groups.  Then click Add.

3.The first box you will come to is the Hunt Group ID. This is a user name for the hunt group, this can also be anything you would like it to be as long as it is unique. IE: MycompanyHG. The next box names the hunt group. This is for your reference, your callers will not see this name. IE: Main Hunt Group. The calling line ID in the next field is set for the Inbound Caller ID which will be displayed on your office phones when a customer would call in. This is great if you have multiple hunt groups which need to be answered in a specific way, allowing you to see on the phone which hunt group they are calling in to and how you would want to pickup that call. IE: Main Support. The last part of this first area is called Group Policy, this is how the users in the hunt group would ring. Most cases you would want it setup as Regular ( Default) this rings 1 phone at a time in a set order, or Simultaneous, this rings every phone at the same time.

4. The next area you will want to setup is the No Answer Settings. The first option you will see in this box is used if you are using the Regular setting under the Group policy. This will set how long each phone will ring before it skips to the next employee. To enabled this feature click the check box and enter the amount of rings. Note: You want to try and keep the number of rings around 6 rings or less. The next option is Call forwarding after waiting. This feature allow you to forward you calls out to either another user outside the hunt group or an outside line like a cell phone. To enable this check the box to the left and enter how many seconds you want it to ring in the office before forwarding out. Note: your average ring is around 5 seconds per ring. Then enter the number you will forward to in the box below.

5.The Not Reachable Settings box will allow your hunt group to forward out if our system detects the phones offline. This is useful if you lose internet connection or have a power outage. To enable this feature check the box next to Enable Call Forwarding Not Reachable. Then enter the outside line in the box below.

6. Next you will want to add the users to this hunt group. In the field Enter Search Criteria click on the Search button on the right side of the page. The box below labeled Available users should populate with each user in the account that can be assigned to your hunt group. To add these users to the hunt group simply click on their name and click add in the center of the page. Or if you want everyone in your account on the hunt group you can simply click Add All in the center. This will moved the Users over to the Assigned Users Box. To change the order in which they will ring if you are using the Regular Group Policy click on the assigned user then click Move up or Move down at the bottom of the Assigned users box. Once you are satisfied with your assigned users. Click on OK at the bottom of the page.

7. After you click on OK you will be brought back to the main Hunt Group page. On this page click edit on your newly created hunt group. This will load the profile page for your new hunt group. The final step to the setup is assigning your phone number or extension to the hunt group. On the profile page click on Addresses under basic. On the addresses page you will see a drop down box labeled Phone Number. Click this drop down and chose the number you will want to have assigned. If you do not want to use a phone number you can also enter an extension in the Extension box instead.  

Hunt Group

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