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Nextiva App: How do I change my call settings?

For Android:

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How to Set Up: Hunt Groups

This feature allows for you to have a single or multiple numbers ring to multiple users in your account. This can be setup to ring each phone at the same time or in a specific order. This feature is perfect for a company that either needs multiple people to answer your phone calls or for calls to roll over to other users if for example your receptionist is busy.  

How to setup from the portal: 

1.Log into your Nextiva portal by visiting and clicking on the Customer Login found at the top right. After that you will want to click on Sites and employees on the left side. From this new page click on Admin login.

2.Once logged in to your admin panel, click on services on the left side of the page. Under the basic side of the page click on Hunt Groups.  Then click Add.

3.The first box you will come to is the Hunt Group ID. This is a user name for the hunt group, this can also be anything you would like it to be as long as it is unique. IE: MycompanyHG. The next box names the hunt group. This is for your reference, your callers will not see this name. IE: Main Hunt Group. The calling line ID in the next field is set for the Inbound Caller ID which will be displayed on your office phones when a customer would call in. This is great if you have multiple hunt groups which need to be answered in a specific way, allowing you to see on the phone which hunt group they are calling in to and how you would want to pickup that call. IE: Main Support. The last part of this first area is called Group Policy, this is how the users in the hunt group would ring. Most cases you would want it setup as Regular ( Default) this rings 1 phone at a time in a set order, or Simultaneous, this rings every phone at the same time.

4. The next area you will want to setup is the No Answer Settings. The first option you will see in this box is used if you are using the Regular setting under the Group policy. This will set how long each phone will ring before it skips to the next employee. To enabled this feature click the check box and enter the amount of rings. Note: You want to try and keep the number of rings around 6 rings or less. The next option is Call forwarding after waiting. This feature allow you to forward you calls out to either another user outside the hunt group or an outside line like a cell phone. To enable this check the box to the left and enter how many seconds you want it to ring in the office before forwarding out. Note: your average ring is around 5 seconds per ring. Then enter the number you will forward to in the box below.

5.The Not Reachable Settings box will allow your hunt group to forward out if our system detects the phones offline. This is useful if you lose internet connection or have a power outage. To enable this feature check the box next to Enable Call Forwarding Not Reachable. Then enter the outside line in the box below.

6. Next you will want to add the users to this hunt group. In the field Enter Search Criteria click on the Search button on the right side of the page. The box below labeled Available users should populate with each user in the account that can be assigned to your hunt group. To add these users to the hunt group simply click on their name and click add in the center of the page. Or if you want everyone in your account on the hunt group you can simply click Add All in the center. This will moved the Users over to the Assigned Users Box. To change the order in which they will ring if you are using the Regular Group Policy click on the assigned user then click Move up or Move down at the bottom of the Assigned users box. Once you are satisfied with your assigned users. Click on OK at the bottom of the page.

7. After you click on OK you will be brought back to the main Hunt Group page. On this page click edit on your newly created hunt group. This will load the profile page for your new hunt group. The final step to the setup is assigning your phone number or extension to the hunt group. On the profile page click on Addresses under basic. On the addresses page you will see a drop down box labeled Phone Number. Click this drop down and chose the number you will want to have assigned. If you do not want to use a phone number you can also enter an extension in the Extension box instead.  

How to Set Up: Call Parking

Call Parking, by definition, is taking a call and parking it against an extension so that you can retrieve it from another extension. Calls can only be parked against extensions on the account. Only one call can be parked at a time per extension.

How to park a call:

  1. Press the Park button, if your phone has a Park button.  Otherwise, place the call on hold and dial the Transfer button.
  2. Dial the extension to park the call against
  3. Press the Enter or Dial key

For example: HOLD – Transfer – dial 101 – Enter

How to retrieve a call:

  1. Press the Unpark button, if your phone has an Unpark button. Otherwise, dial *88.
  2. Enter the extension the call is parked against
  3. Press the Enter or Dial key

For example: *88 DIAL – 101 enter

Please note:

  • Calls can only be parked against extensions on the account
  • Only one call can be parked per extension
  • If a call is parked for a certain period of time the call will ring back to the phone where it was originally parked

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to Set Up: Dial by Name Directory

Dial by Name Directory is a feature in an auto-attendant that allows a caller to search for a user by name. When a call is placed to the auto-attendant and the caller selects the Dial By Name directory option, they will be able to type in the first few letters of an employee’s first or last name. When the system finds the person searched for, it will play the name that was recorded when the employee set up their voice portal.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to Set Up: Call Recording

Call Recording allows you to record calls placed to phones on your NextOS account. Nextiva will save your recordings for 60 days, and they are available for you to download if you need to store them for longer. If you are required to record calls for legal reasons, or if you check calls for quality assurance, then Call Recording can be used. Please check local laws to be sure you are following proper procedures for recording calls.

How to turn on call recording

  1. Open up the user’s Personal Web Portal
  2. Click on Call Control under Options
  3. Select Call Recording under Advanced
  4. Change the radio button to Always
  5. Press OK
  6. Place a test call for at least 30 seconds
  7. Call into Nextiva Support to have them set up your user login to the call recording server (800-285-7995)

How to access call recordings

  1. Your recordings will be saved for 60 days, and they are available for you to download if you need to store them for longer. Open in your browser.
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. The main page will show you all of your call recordings and will allow you to play them back from here
  4. You can search the recordings using the search boxes on the left-hand side

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to Set Up: Virtual On-Net Extensions

Virtual On-Net Extensions allow you to have people that don't have phones or users to have extensions in the system. Calls can be placed and transferred to this extension, and they will route to the person's external number, such as a cell phone. When calls come in from their external number the Nextiva phone will show the internal extension and caller ID. This would, in effect, mask the external number and display the internal extension. These are extensions only and do not have any advanced call routing or voice mails (can’t set up a phone/device).

How to setup Virtual On-Net Extensions

  1. Login to the CP Portal. (link)
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Click on Search to pull up a list of all the groups on the account
  4. Select the group that will have the Extensions added to it
  5. Click on Virtual On-Net Enterprise Extensions
  6. Click Add
  7. Enter the last name and first name for the extension
  8. This will automatically populate the Calling Line ID fields, which then can be adjusted
  9. Enter the phone number that the extension will be forwarded to
  10. Enter the extension that will be assigned to the employee
  11. Select Virtual-On-Net from the Virtual On-Net Call Type drop down
  12. Click OK

How to add multiple Virtual On-Net Extensions at one time

You can click on Add Range from the Virtual On-Net Enterprise Extensions and put in a range of extensions that will be mapped to a range of external numbers. This is only useful if you have a range of contiguous external numbers to map the internal extensions to.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to Set Up: CRM Integration

Nextiva can integrate into many kinds of CRM software. A CRM is a program that stores customer data and allows easy access. NextOS can be connected to most CRM software, and the easiest way to get more information on this is to call Nextiva Support. We will provide you with the information that is required to setup CRM integration.

Please contact our Amazing Service team at 800-285-7995 from 5:00am – 6:00pm AZ time Monday-Friday, or Saturday from 9:00am – 1:00pm AZ time. Or, simply email us at

How to Set Up: Call Me Now

Call Me Now allows a client to enter their phone number on your website and be immediately connected to your company. After they enter their phone number, Nextiva will place a call to their phone and when they answer it will ring through to the Nextiva line this feature is connected to.

Enabling Call Me Now

  1. Login to the user’s personal web portal or the service you wish to have Call Me Now setup to
  2. Click on Incoming Calls under Options
  3. Click on Call Me Now under Advanced
  4. Click Add
  5. Put in a description for this Call Me Now section
  6. Select the Do not reject call radio button
  7. If desired set a time schedule, see Schedules
  8. Click OK
  9. Back at the main Call Me Now screen, set Call Me Now to On and set Answer Confirmation to None

Setup the Call Me Now link

  1. Go to Call Me Now Setup
  2. Enter the user ID for the user with at the end
  3. Click Generate to create the link to embed in a website
  4. The code can then be copied and pasted into a website to allow Call Me Now


Nextiva cannot provide support for any API commands or setup but provides this as a starting place to setup Call Me Now integration into your website.

There is a call me now API command that will allow a web developer to integrate the Call Me Now into your website. The following must be sent as POST to our server with USERID and NUMBER replaced with the User ID (including of the account that Call Me Now is connected to and NUMBER replaced with the number the Call Me Now should connect to.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to Set Up Nextiva Anywhere Group level

Nextiva Anywhere allows you to make and receive calls from any device, at any location, with only one phone number, one dial plan, one voice mailbox, and unified set of features.This will allow you to move seamlessly to and from the devices you choice for this feature. You can now leave the office without leaving your business behind. 

Steps to Set Up Nextiva Anywhere in Group Level

  1. In the NextOS Portal, click into the Group level. Select Services under Advance Settings and select Nextiva Anywhere.
  2. Under addresses, assign a main telephone number. This will be the number you dial when using Nextiva Anywhere.
  3.  Fill in the required criteria. For your Anywhere ID, use  @  prod



Steps to Set Up Nextiva Anywhere in Group Level

  1. In the NextOS Portal, select which user you would like to set up. Once the user is selected, click Services under Advance Settings and select Nextiva Anywhere.
  2.  Fill in the requested criteria and press OK.

Once you have completed these steps, call your main Nextiva Anywhere number from the device you selected.

  • You will be prompted to “Please enter the number from which you are calling, followed by the # Key.”
  • Then you will be prompted to please enter your pass code followed by the # key. Your pass code will be you 4-digit voice mail pass code.
  • Then you will be prompted to enter the destination digits. You will hear a dial tone.
  • Once you entered the number you want to dial, the call will connect and it will appear as though you are dialing from your Nextiva VoIP phone. The Caller ID will also show the same as your Nextiva VoIP.

If Nextiva is set up properly, when you receive an inbound call on your Nextiva VoIP phone it will ring your Nextiva Anywhere phone simultaneously.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

How to Set Up: Busy Lamp Field

Busy Lamp Field allows you to monitor when other users are on their phone. It also allows you to pick up calls that are ringing to monitored users.

How to Setup Busy Lamp Field in the Portal

  1. Open the Personal Web Portal for your user
  2. Click on Client Applications under Options
  3. Click on Busy Lamp Field
  4. Enter the employee’s user ID followed by BLF in the List URI field
  5. Change the drop down to from
  6. Search for the people you want to monitor or click Search to pull up a list of all users
  7. Select the people you wish to monitor from the Available Users box and click the Add button
  8. You can then rearrange the order by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons
  9. Click OK

Loading the Configuration into Polycom Phones

To update Polycom phones, simply reboot the phone. It will download its new configuration file and load the Busy Lamp Field into the phone.

Loading the Configuration into Other Phones

Currently to configure all other phones, users will have to call into support for quick setup. As always, Nextiva is working on simpler ways to update Busy Lamp Field for users.

To Answer Calls That Are Ringing To Monitored Users

When another person’s phone is ringing, you can press the line key that is associated with that user and it should pick up the call using directed call pickup.

Some phone models may not support this feature or the phone may have to be configured to use the directed call pickup feature on Busy Lamp Field.

However, this does not allow you to make calls from the monitored line; it allows the pickup of calls that are ringing to their phone.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

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