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How do I record voicemail and auto-attendant greetings?


When creating your voicemail greeting, you must already have the user created. When creating an auto-attendant greeting, you must already have auto-attendant set up.


To record a voicemail greeting for yourself, you must first have the user created.  Once the user is created, if you have a Nextiva phone assigned to the user, you can dial 9999 from the phone.  The user will be prompted to enter a voicemail PIN.  The default PIN is 0000.  Once this is entered, the system will prompt you to change the PIN.  You will enter the new PIN twice and then go into the main menu.

There are two greetings the user can setup: the “Busy” greeting (Option 2) or the “No Answer” greeting (Option 3).  After you select the greeting you wish to record, you’re prompted to record the greeting.  After you record the greeting, you will get the option to record a new greeting, listen to the current greeting or use the system greeting.  Once satisfied with the greeting, you can exit the voicemail portal.


To record your own auto-attendant greeting, you will also dial 9999 from any phone on the Nextiva system.  When the voicemail portal begins, press the * key.  When it prompts for the mailbox ID, press 9999 again.  You will be prompted to enter the PIN.  It should be 0000 unless you have previously changed it.  The prompts will ask if you are recording an auto-attendant greeting for the business hours or for after hours.  You will be able review the greeting.  Once you are happy with your greeting, you can select that greeting and exit the voice portal.

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