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New Netxos adding a location

Creating another location may also be needed if the customer is running multiple business under one Nextiva account, and wants to give their employees the option to call out using a number for each business. In that case, a location will need to be setup for each business, and each employee will need to have a user account on each location. This results in each user having a separate line key on their phone that they can press to make an outbound call. Depending on what line key they press, they are calling out from one of multiple phone numbers. Talk to a lead or manager before attempting to implement this.

Other options for changing the outgoing caller ID, such as using Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), will be discussed in other training modules.

  1. Click the Create link under the Locations heading (see Figure 4 below).








  1. Enter the fields as indicated below. Refer to Figure 5 below as you work.


    • Location Name: the name of the location.
    • Description: a description for the location.
    • Location outgoing number: this will be the default outgoing caller ID number for the users in this location. This can be changed on a per-user basis later.
    • Location caller ID: this is the caller ID name for this location.
    • Time zone: the time zone for this location.







  1. Scroll down until the address information is visible. Fill in the fields as shown in Figure 6.


  1. Click the green Save button below the address information.

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