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How to update e911

E911 is the address you have on file for your account that emergency calls will see when calling them. If you call 911 they will see the address you have set here to respond to, so it’s very important to make sure it’s set accurately and updated when needed. This can be different from the billing address you have on file, and if you have multiple sites you’d want to make sure the e911 address is setup correctly for each site.

Steps to update or view your e911 address:
  1. For administrators, log in to the NextOS Portal by going to and selecting Customer Login from the top right corner. Enter your login credentials and click Sign in. Select Sites & Employees.
  2. Once here click Edit on the site you would like to update/view e911.
  3. Now you’re in the site profile to edit the site’s information. You can see the e911 address here. If you need to edit it click Edit.
  4. Once done editing click Continue, then click Submit and you’re done. You have now successfully updated the e911 address for the account. Please note: It may take 1-2 business days for our system to route the new information to emergency services. Please use backup phone service when contacting 911 during this time.

That’s it. Now you can be ensured if the time comes where you need to call 911 Emergency Services, they will be routed to the right location. Please review each site address if you have multiple, to ensure all sites have the correct e911 info.

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