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How to set up a CounterPath Bria 3

Before you are able to complete this phone setup, you must have created employees in your Nextiva account. You also must have added a phone to your Nextiva account.

Nextiva Portal Setup:

You must associate the phone you are attempting to setup with an employee before it will be fully operational.  Make sure you have followed the steps outlined in “Adding a Phone to Your Nextiva Account” and “Creating an Employee” before continuing.

Log in to your NextOS Portal account.  Select NextOS for Account Type and enter the username and password that was provided in your welcome email.

Assigning the Phone to an Employee:

How to set up your CounterPath Bria 3:

Ensure that the computer with the CounterPath Bria 3 installation has a physical hard-wire Internet connection. Wireless applications can lead to poor audio quality, depending on the strength of the signal.

Once your Bria 3 has been installed, run the application. You will be required to input a license key before the application will run. Then, follow these steps:

If you have any questions, contact our Support Team  here or email us at

  • Once you have logged in to your Nextiva Portal, you will see Account Setup on the left-hand side.  Click View Sites & Employees, and then click Employees next to the appropriate location.
  • Click Edit next to the employee to which you are trying to assign the phone.
  • Scroll down to Assigned Devices and click Assign New Device.
  • Under Device information, locate Generic SIP Phone on the Device drop down menu.
  • Click Generate next to Authentication Password.
  • Copy down your SIP Username, Authentication Name, and Authentication Password so that you can use this information later during the setup of your Bria.
    • Click Softphone from the drop down menu on the left, and select Account Settings.
    • Fill out the required information under the tab "Account"
      • Account name: Use a name that will help you identify this account name in the future.
    • Under User Details:
      • User ID: Input the SIP Username from the employee that will be using this device
      • Domain: Input
      • Password: Input the Authentication Password from the employee that will be using this device
      • Display name: This can be anything.  This name will display when calling between Nextiva devices
      • Authorization name: Input the Authentication Name for the employee that will be using this device
    • Leave the Domain Proxy at default
    • Click the tab labeled Topology towards the top of the window
    • For Firewall traversal method, choose the None (use local IP address) radio button
    • Click OK to save all

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