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How to set up a schedule

Schedules are used to dictate when different call processing polices are activated and deactivated automatically. You can set up multiple schedules depending on your company needs. Schedules are used along with services such as Auto Attendants, Sequential Rings, or Call Forwarding Selective, to specify the time when the service action (ringing the phones, forwarding calls or routing to voicemail) should take place. Schedules work great if your company opens or closes at the same time daily. Please remember to create a working schedule, as well as an after hours schedule, so you can properly route calls automatically within your account.

How to set up a schedule from the Nextiva Portal:

There are two types of schedules: holiday and time-based. A time-based schedule is used for activating and deactivating call processing policies on a daily basis. Holiday schedules are used to set up yearly recurring closed days, such as Christmas for example. In these instructions we will address time-based schedules. For help with Holiday Schedules click here.

If this schedule repeats, you'll want to use the Recurrence Pattern for the event. The event can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also choose an end date, if you prefer. For example, if you type in today's date as the start date, and tomorrow's date as the end date, and make the event active every Monday, then the event will start every Monday and end every Tuesday each week until the selected End Date.

  1. For administrators, log in to the NextOS Portal by going to and selecting Customer Login from the top right corner. Enter your login credentials and click Sign in. Select Sites & Employees then click on Login under the Admin Login column.
  2. Under the Basic options, choose Schedules. To start a new schedule, click Add and type in a unique name, schedule type and then click OK.
  3. Once you add a unique name and click OK the schedule is created. It will now show up under your list of Schedules and can be selected by clicking Edit. When you click on the schedule this will open the "Event Add" screen.
  4. Enter a unique event name and fill in all required fields. To set up an all day event, check the box next to "ALL Day Event," which is useful if you are closed every Monday, for example. Otherwise, fill in the times you'd like to include in the schedule.

    For example, let's say your business is open Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM. You'll want to make two events under your After Business Hours Schedule. First, create an event schedule with a start time of 12-midnight and an end time of 8:59AM. The second event should include the time range of 5PM to 11:59PM. Schedules should never cross-over 12-midnight or change from AM to PM – You'll need to make separate events when closed overnight.

    Next you'll want to set up your Closed Business Hours Schedule so it includes Saturday and Sunday for this example. Just continue adding events until all closed hours are included in the schedule. If your business is closed for lunch, this can be set up here, as well.

    • Daily – The event is repeated every set number of days.
    • Weekly – The event is repeated every week on specified days, which is most common.
    • Monthly – The event is repeated every month on a selected day of the month. That day can be set based on the date (such as the 1st or 25th of the month) or on a specific day of the week every month, for example, the second Tuesday of the month.
    • Yearly – This event is repeated every year on a selected day of the year. That day can be set based on date (such as the 1st or the 25th day of the month) or by the specific day of the week within a set month, for example, the second Tuesday of November.
  5. When you've completed setting up the schedule, click OK to save changes.
  6. Now if you are utilizing any Nextiva features that allow for scheduling you'll have an option to add the schedule you just created. For example, when you are setting up an Auto Attendant, on the main profile you can choose the "Business Hours" schedule and the calls will automatically route following the schedule you choose (TIP: Make sure you set up an After Hours Menu for calls that come in when you are closed).
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