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How to Add a Cisco SPA303G Phone to Your Nextiva Account

504gBefore you are able to complete this phone setup, you must have created employees in your Nextiva account. You also must have added a phone to your Nextiva account.

Nextiva Portal Setup:

You must associate the phone you are attempting to setup with an employee before it will be fully operational.  Make sure you have followed the steps outlined in “Adding a Phone to Your Nextiva Account” and “Creating an Employee” before continuing.

Log in to your NextOS Portal account.  Select NextOS for Account Type and enter the username and password that was provided in your welcome email.

Assigning the Phone to an Employee:

  • Once you have logged into your Nextiva Portal you will see Account Setup on the left-hand side.  Click View Sites & Employees, and then click Employees next to the appropriate location.
  • Click Edit next to the employee to whom you are trying to assign the phone.
  • Scroll down to Assigned Devices and click Assign New Device
  • Under Device Information, locate Nextiva Cisco 303 (look for your MAC address) within the Device drop down menu.
  • Click Generate next to Authentication Password and finalize the setup by clicking Submit.

Phone Pre-Setup:

The Cisco SPA303 requires a physical connection to a power source and an internet connection.  This model of phone has no wireless capabilities.  Ensure your phone is properly connected before attempting setup.

Checking your connections:

  • Power Port:  On the back of the phone there is a round port labeled DC5V used for providing the phone’s power.  Ensure there is a power cord connecting to a power source (e.g. wall outlet or power strip). Note: You may be required to connect the 2 pronged clip to the power supply of the power cord.
  • SW Port: On the back of the phone there is a port labeled SW.  This port is used to connect the phone to an Internet connection.  Ensure that there is an Ethernet cord going from the SW port to an active Internet connection (e.g. Router, Switch, or an Internet jack on the wall).

Powering Up Your Phone:

As soon as you connect the power cord to your phone the phone will attempt to power up.  Your phone will run through two screens, Initializing Network and Checking DNS before fully booting up to a screen that will display the date and time.

Note: If the phone is stuck on Initializing Network for longer than a minute, then the phone is failing to connect to the network.  This means it is unable to establish an Internet connection.  If you receive this message, verify the phone has an Ethernet cord properly connected to an working Internet connection and the alternate end is connected to the SW port.

Phone Setup:

On a computer with internet access, navigate to from a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox)


Phone Model List:

Select Cisco SPA303G from the phone model list.

Device IP Address:

  • The IP Address of the phone can be determined by pressing the menu key (this is a button on the face of the phone that looks like a page with a folded corner).
  • Scroll down using the arrow pad on the phone until you see something that says [9] Network.
  • Once [9] Network is highlighted, press select.
  • The IP Address will be listed under [2] Current IP.
  • Input the IP Address of the phone in the box labeled Enter Device IP Address.
  • Click Provision Device, and the phone will automatically reboot itself in a few seconds.

Once the phone has booted back to a screen displaying time and date, you must physically unplug the power of the phone and plug it back in.

The phone should configure itself to the employee you’ve assigned within 3 minutes.

Note: The phone’s display may not appear to be doing anything for 60 seconds or more during this process.

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

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