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How to view Call History reports

Call History reports are a great way to see all incoming and outgoing calls for your users. Your account administrator can access the Call History for the entire company, as well as individual users.

How to view Call History reports from the Nextiva Portal:

  1. For administrators, log in to the NextOS Portal by going to and selecting Customer Login from the top right corner. Enter your login credentials and click Sign in.
  2. Once logged in, click Call History from the menu on the left. On the following page, select the dates you wish to view the Call History for, then click Submit.
  3. Select the employee for whom you wish to view the Call History. You will see a list of incoming and outgoing calls, the numbers to and from where they were placed, and the length of time the user was on that call.
  4. TIP: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Export options: CSV. This will save the file to your computer. Once the file is saved, you can manipulate the data using Microsoft Excel or a similar program.
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