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How do I create my first user?

Creating a new employee allows you the ability to use your Nextiva Phone. Unlike Copper line phone that require a phone number to be able to make and receive calls, VoIP phones do not require a phone number, but instead require a user with an extension. To be able to make and receive calls an employee must be created so that a phone can be linked to the user. This allows the system to correctly  route calls.

Setting up from portal:

1. Log into your Nextiva portal by visiting and clicking on the Customer Login found at the top right.

2.     Once logged in select Go to Site, select the site you want the employee added to.  On the new page that appears click on the blue Employees link for the default site. Then click View Employees. On the new page click on the blue Create New Employee link in the upper right hand corner.

3.     Fill out the information marked by a red * starting with a unique UserID. The User ID is like the first part of an email address, and needs to be unique, try utilizing a naming convention such as company name, employee first initial, employee last name, (i.e. NextivaJSmith). Click Submit and the employee will be created. Fill  in the remaning information, make sure to select the correct time zone for the site.   

4.     Next, you will assign a number or an extension to that employee. This information is found in the Phone Information box. If you select a number the last for digits will automatically become the extension, you can change this if you would like. Then, verify that the e-911 information is correct and press Continue.

5.     You will now be on the Assign a Device page, here you will select the phone you want assigned to this employee. Make sure to select the correct phone model and Mac address. Finally, select Generate on both the authentication name and authentication password and select Sumbit.


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