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Portland, Oregon is in the 503 and 971 area codes in Multnomah and Washington Counties, Oregon.

Nextiva local phone numbers can enhance your business presence with the professional appearance and image of a larger company. Our complete digital phone solutions make it simple to operate your business anywhere in the country. While your company may be physically located in Chicago, Illinois, a local presence may also be established in Portland, Oregon. Nextiva makes it possible to forward your new Portland phone number, and any others your company may have, to any location where you or your staff happen to be.

A Nextiva local phone number in the City of Portland, Oregon will give your business a local phone number presence, regardless of where your business is located or you may be traveling. Best of all, every Nextiva phone number comes with the most advanced PBX features, without the usual high costs.

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Portland, Oregon is home to approximately 582,130 citizens, as the 29th most populous city in the United States. The national average's metro area population growth has been outpaced over the last decade by Portland, with an estimated 80% growth for the next 50 years.

Portland's business and living benefits include low energy cost, North-South and East-West Interstates, accessible resources, international air terminals, both west coast intercontinental railroads and large marine shipping facilities for the approximately 299,505 businesses in the region.

Intel, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Yakima Products, Nike and Portland's Precision Castparts all have strong headquarters in Oregon. The steel industry's Schnitzer Steel Industries is another firm that provides jobs to Portland's citizens, in addition to companies related to the aluminum industry.

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